= Making music only with Spitfire audio labs and other spitfire products =

I was wondering if I can make music only using spitfire audio labs and there other products instead of using any other vsts or instruments. I was watching videos of people making music only using there products and I’m getting tons of ideas on stuff but I feel like it would be plain or boring using it all the time and I was thinking it would be cheating too but I really only just want to use to make music nothing else. Any thoughts or feedback?
I've made a few tracks just using LABS and Spitfire Originals and gotten good results. I mean, they make quality products. They have a particular sound, very cinematic, but that's something you can work with in some way whatever you're doing. I don't think you could ever exhaust all of the possibilities of even just LABS. Think of someone who only plays the violin; millions of people have played just that one instrument without exhausting what it can do, and I'd say LABS, in total, is just as complex

I just finished scoring a short film and used a lot of lab sounds. I would say 90% of the score was lab. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened that the tones I was looking for were there. I have some expensive libraries but for this particular film it worked. So I guess the answer is yes, but only it if it serves the film and the story well

Andrules. Do what sounds good and what serves the story. The end

Eventually you might get bored of using spitfire products only but while your in the mood/vibe of using them I say go for it and the minute you start getting bored

You could possibly use certain effect plugins your daw has to offer and as a way to keep it interesting then the minute you get bored of doing that then go and try and use another vst for a little while as a bit of a break and to give your ears a rest

I think of putting tracks together as trying to solve a puzzle. How do I make this song sound more like. I think spitfire is great for certain things

I think if you wanted to make techno, synthwave or other synth heavy music it would be pretty hard to use spitfire exclusively. You would need different tools to figure out those puzzles

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