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I’m looking at getting an 1176 clone, budget of around £500, currently looking at the Klark Teknik and the Warm Audio offerings, from what I can read there’s a lot of QC issues with Klark, but I read the same about WA (even though I own a few WA products and have nothing but good things to say about them)
I suppose my real question is for people who have used both, and that is: is the Warm Audio 76 worth double the price of the Klark 76?
Or is there anywhere else I could be looking to get that FET thing going on within budget?
Volume dropping very low on Yamaha hs8 & sub setup for one speaker. Gets better sometimes upon reconnecting

My empire for an answer to what's going on here. Forgive me for the gear question
Sometimes when I boot up my daw, interface, sub & speakers, one of my hs8 speakers, (usually the left) has a fraction of the volume it should have, making it barely audible and unusable for monitoring. While the other one starts up at a normal volume level

This problem persists after I disconnect the sub entirely as well

Eventually, after reconnecting with different cables, turning the interface off or on, turning speakers off & on, and pleading to the universe, both speakers come back on with the levels ok. But I have no idea why this happens and it takes sometimes 5-10 minutes of fiddling to fix it. Sometimes it starts up just fine too. The lack of a consistent fix or problem makes this very confusing for me to narrow down. Any ideas??
I am looking for a budget setup to start out recording and mixing guitar

If possible I'd like someone to recommend me minimum specs for being able to decently mix and record music

I also would like some recommendations for DI's that aren't too expensive

Much appreciate any help you guys can offer

What genre of music are you recording? Electric or acoustic guitar or both? Are you planning on recording voice or other instruments down the line? If it is only ever going to be DI guitar you'd get away with an older PC or mac, cakewalk on the PC or garageband on the mac (both free), a pair of old headphones. and an iK multimedia irig 2. Continuing on the budget thread, you could still have both a DI and a single mic input instead for less than 50 if you go for a maudio mtrack solo or a behringer um2. You would have to add a mic, xlr cable and mic stand. A second hand sm57 can record voice, electric guitar cabs and acoustic guitar and will sell for the same if you don't like it. Needless to say we are not talking world class conversion, latency or signal to noise ratio with these setups, but still perfectly adequate. Some say proper mixing should be done with speakers, but then you are talking acoustic room treatment and a pair of active studio monitors to do it properly. It depends on your budget.. There are some good videos out there where they are trying to set up something for $350 or less including PC and monitors by buying second hand

I’m currently in school for audio engineering, I have a class mate that can get a pair of KRK classic 5s for $112 each and there’s a pawn shop by my school that has a pair of m audio bx5s for like $80 and there’s a KRK sub (I forget the model) for like $100
I don’t have an acoustically treated room right now but was thinking it’d be a good idea to scoop em up now while I can and worry about that later. My question is would it be better to get the bx5s and the sub or just get the classic 5s (my budget is roughly $300) or should I save my money and invest in other learning materials and keep mixing with headphones
Personally, I don’t like KRK, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. However, either of those will need an upgrade eventually if you continue to be serious about audio engineering. My advice would be to just pick one, learn the speakers, and then get on with your studies

But you do mention saving money. I guess this is for you to decide. Chances are your school should have some facility for you to use while you’re there. If that’s the case, it might be more worthwhile to just utilize that more fully. I know it’s a pain to use a rig that’s not your own and having to be on campus to work, but it could save a lot of money in the long run. Once you know what you’re looking for in terms of monitors, headphones, mics, etc., it becomes a much easier decision when it’s time to buy your own gear

Hey guys, sorry if this isn't the place to ask this, I'd appreciate if you can point me in the right direction

I'm looking for audio surveillance equipment, that I can leave running for a while to record voices in a wider area. Preferably with wifi connectivity and not too expensive

I've been having issues with a neighbour that threatens me and my wife. Audio recordings are legal here

I'm EU based if that matters

Again, sorry if this doesn't fit here, I'm not really sure where to get advice for this elsewhere

A crippling and depressing ground loop problem:
I have a focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen audio interface, it all started well with no noise issues but then a few months ago the curse began.

I started to experience a ground looping buzzing noise with my xlr microphone

At first I thought it was a bad outlet so I changed the outlet my pc was plugged into and at first that fixed the issue, but after that with a few days it started to make the same buzzing noise again with the new outlet

It was a weird issue though, it was not consistent, one day it has the buzzing noise, the other day my microphone signal is cleaner than my 8 year old mind

But the last couple of times the buzzing noise was constant everytime I tried to record

I looked online and they said use one outlet for everything in your setup, did that, noise is still here

I even tried every single outlet I could around the flat and the noise wouldn't go away

I tried buying another xlr cable but sadly got a cheap one cos it's what I had found and with the new cable it also had noise but a different type of noise instead of ait was like a radio station static noise

And the final test I tried today was that I pluged in my guitar to the other input in the interface (with a non balanced cable) and the noise is still here, and when I hold the guitar with one hand and touch the audio interface with the other hand thenoise is reduced by a substantial amount, that also had happened with the xlr microphone with the xlr input of the interface, if I hold the mic with one hand and put the other hand on the interface the noise is reduced

Can you please give me a fix and help me lift this curse?
Should I just try getting a high quality balanced xlr cable?
Should I try to get a ground lifter type of device like a humix?

It could be the interface itself. I had a 2i2 first gen that had ground loop when phantom power was on. If it’s still under warranty, try reaching out to Focusrite Support. They’re based in the UK, so keep that in mind when waiting for a response. They are a really great team. They sent me a full replacement interface once it was determined that the phantom power was the issue

im afraid one of my yamaha hs80m might be toast. no sound whatsoever

When i unplug the cable from the interface and still plugged into monitor, there’s nolike there is with the working monitor

It’s not the cable. Using TRS cables, always have. swapped it out with a new one, still no luck

Both monitors plugged into single power strip, running off another power strip. Power light is on just fine

Levels are the same

When i power on, i get the pop sound but sometimes it’s just the woofer (big loud) sometimes is just the tweeter (i think)
somehow i suspect repairing is beyond my knowledge / abilities but maybe someone here can help me diagnose the issue

Any help is greatly appreciated
I started a guitar related Youtube channel and am shopping for a mic (just for talking, not to record guitar), since my phone mic is terrible. I could use to general pointers as to which type of mic I should look at

I know I could get a simple dynamic mic like sm58 or copy for €100 or less, but I'm a bit worried it would be an obstacle to work around while holding a guitar or showing something to the camera. On the other end are shotgun mics I could keep out of frame. Would a lavalier be worth considering?
I'm recording in my living room, roughly 4x10m, completely open and not treated at all, so I guess there is some room ambience to deal with. I'll most likely record to my pc through an interface, so XLR is preferred

If you are placed in the same position during your talk you could use a hypercardioid sdc or a shotgun sdc but as you say it will pick up a lot of room sound. Personally I find it much easier to listen to YouTube channels that do not have noticeable room sound and my advice would be to add appropriate acoustic treatment to your room to get rid of it. Alternatively you could use a lavalier or a headworn microphone to reduce the room sound, and wireless versions of these if you plan on moving around

Hi, I have a Behringer B615D speaker, connecting it with a mono 6.3mm cable to a 6.3 to 3.5mm adapter to my laptop makes the signal quite bad, but 6.3 is the same as 3.5 but bigger so the signal shouldn't degrade, connecting it to my PC makes it sound better, but it starts clipping at under half the volume knob, how would I fix this? Do I need a mixer? Or even an amp even though the speaker is active?
I'd had the idea of getting an "inpulse 500" dj deck, since it has a sound card it should've improved the sound, however I saw a video on Youtube about some big dj complaining about the sound level, and another person in the comments saying the sound is quiet because it is an usb powered deck and you'd have to use a mixer to act as an amp
What should I do? Buy a mixer, an amp or a deck, if yes, which one? Id rather not spend very much money since I'm a student, ~300e would be the max budget
Assuming everything is working as it should, and that you are using the line level input on the Behringer and not a mic or instrument level input, the issue could be that the Behringer speaker may be using a pro line level input (+4dBu) whereas your PC uses consumer line level output (-10dBv). There is a big difference in voltage between those levels, the PC output is the lower one and it can't thus drive the Behringer properly. If this is the issue it could be fixed with a level converter such as a Samson s-convert or similar

Need help choosing an Audio Interface Hello everyone! I need your opinions and suggestions. I need an audio interface for recording guitar but mostly vocals. My options are M-Audio Air 192/4, M-Audio M-Track II and Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen. If any of you have used one of this interfaces. I want to know the pros and cons of it. Thank you for your time!
Hey guys, planning on going audient and getting the id44 mkii. I know they are not bus powered but that is what i am wondering. Do we need a specific 9v power supply? I thibk i read the id44 does not come with a power supply so correct me if i am wrong. I am just wondering if there is a specific power supply that the audient needs to power up and if so if you could please tell me what it is. Thank you guys

From Sweetwater, it has an INCLUDED 12V power supply. You should be covered

At the moment I have a n72 pre, a lauten atlantis, and some experience in a studio working as a recording engineer. I don't know too much about DAC, but I heard my boss say that my focusrite would have pretty bad conversion from my pre. He recommended one of the volts, but I wanted some input from others. I don't really need that many ins andbut if is cheap enough I wouldn't mind getting up to 8. I am willing to spend up to $400 or so but would prefer if it was cheaper. I am really only recording some vocals and acoustic guitars at the moment, no drums or anything. Not sure if I should future proof and go all out right now or get something that sound decent with like 2 ins/outs and wait until I can get something really good down the line. Mainly justof myFocusrite solo lmao

At your budget point, you should get something with as few inputs as possible. I don’t know prices off the top of my head, but brands you should look at besides the UA stuff include: Audient (probably not EVO line as that’s cheaper quality), MOTU, RME (probably out of budget), and maybe SSL. You could also look into the Clarett range from Focusrite as they are a big step up from the Scarlett. You might also look at something with ADAT expandability, if you think you might want more preamps eventually

Looking for some mixing feedback on my newest instrumental. I'm new to producing and even newer to mixingfeedback appreciated!
"So Ripe" (prod. MDBucksauce) httpsyoutu.be/BrGfl0Vgnfk
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