= Is there any kind of job in audio engineering that I could do remotely? =

Covid sort of put an abrupt halt to all of my live gigs and even a couple of steady live sound jobs. I'd pretty much been stuck doing churches but the main one I worked for just went out of business and closed down. The vast majority of my experience is in sound design and music production and live sound was just a way to use what I knew to make some money but if I could actually do some engineering or production I think it would actually be a job I enjoy

My current roadblock is where I live. The closest studio job to me is six hours away. As I am not currently in a financial position to move my last real opportunity of doing what I love is if it were remote but I'm having a tough time knowing what to look for. I'd really appreciate if anyone knew of a type of job that I could use what I know and could let me know. I'm not too hopeful but I have to try

Any type of mixing you could do from home remotely. My main gig is post production sound mixing for video production and I've mostly been doing that from home for the last 2 years during the pandemic

So the more important question I'd like to ask:
How do you get into this line of work and/or find projects to work on? My biggest road block (aside from crippling anxiety andsyndrome) is
*finding the opportunities.* I have no idea where to begin looking to find audio engineering/production work

If your main experience is sound design, hook up with indie filmmakers, game designers, or computer animators. They all need sound designers like a mofo

You def could do mixing at home , but you SHOULD get proper room treatment and monitors , or really good mixing headphones
Almost all of my studio work is remote

The vast majority of everyone's mixing + mastering work is remote

I have a colleague who does audio for corporate conferences remotely

A whole lot of game and film audio is remote, especially at the indie level

But, you have to get to the point where you have the network to send you those gigs and trust you to do them remotely. That often takes time, and you often have to be there in person to build the network

And, you need a rig that will get you to the finish line. I'm mixing remotely from a 400 sq ft control room with a $30k playback system and a ton of treatment. I couldn't do my work in a bedroom

audio post has become increasingly remote

ads are mixed remotely since covid. VO talent on source connect, clients on zoom

im doing ADR on a STARZ show right now and the sound supervisor is in birmingham alabama. he attends mix sessions remotely. technicolor has proprietary technology for streaming audio/video over the internet. pretty nifty

The market is saturated on things like fivvr. Its like any other business . You need a good rep or a great showreel. A professional profile and you must offer quality and value but don't under value yourself . It looks bad . Best of luck
I was doing shows, making instrumentals, mixing vocals for others and making great progress pre-covid. Now no one puts on meaningful shows/events, promoters are scammy, instrumentals don't sell locally, mixing vocal jobs are in the toilet (except the random one off of someone wanting to try something new, which has yet to bring many return clients. I started pushing beats online, some with videos, some not, plugged into beatstars. I haven't sold a beat using any of these e-platforms. Looking like a career change is needed but the passion for the music hasn't left. I've tried reaching out to indie devs and no luck. Kind of feeling the same way as OP. I'dto give up on it, my music resume is 100x better than my job resume. I'm really not sure what direction to take things. So OP your not alone in this way of feeling and hope you find something that works for you! Maybe I just haven't found the right platform to persue, or just bad timing. Best of luck mate!
Something that I see in my own personal orbit is that studios/companies that record dialogue for video games often need help with editing and assets management. They’ll often have thousand of audio files that need to be cleaned/edited/delivered per day and appear to be more than happy to have their employees doing that work from home

I don’t have any links or job posts to share with you offhand, but if that sounds interesting at all it might be worth looking into!
Offer gigs in fivver. I see mostly podcast editing but there’s also movie sound editing and mixing/post by some people

Make a nice profile that’s trustworthy and have some demos. Learn how to work the platform and what’s needed. That’s learning even outside of audio… just learn online what attracts peope to your profile, way to offer gigs etc, and adapt it to audio/gigs u want to offer

Maybe you could produce podcasts or audio books for people? They send you the recording, you edit it / add opening/closing theme music / sponsor messages etc. and then upload the finished product

Speaking of that, if you can record and edit a voiceover, you could create (and sell) custom podcast openings/bumpers/closings like "Welcome to the Sales Talk podcast. Here's your host, Mary Smith!"

If you could expand to editing video, that would be useful because lots of podcasters are now trying to have both video and audio versions of the same content

You could find gigs online at sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or maybe Craigslist or FB Marketplace, or even LinkedIn. Lots of companies want to do a podcast and they don't have a clue how to do it

I have a mate who is a mastering engineer who lives in a different country from most of his clients. Even if people want something on an analog medium mastered (which is extremely rare these days) they can always mail it in

The biggest problem with that is that he has an entire floor of his house dedicated to it and he spent obscene amount of money on equipment and time into learning the trade

And no, he didn't master any of my. I can't afford him :D
Hi there! Aside from mixing/mastering, you should look into Source-Connect. I do a lot of remote voice over sessions using this. It's expensive, but honestly it's been worth it for me. Good luck!
I have a buddy who works remotely programming plug-ins, and it’s a great gig It’s never too late to learn a new skill
One of the most constant gigs that I do is editing podcasts, and that is done 100% remotely
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