**Here are free online sound engineering courses that will equip you with the professional skill of audio engineering and management. If you find any of the courses listed here interesting, you can enroll and start learning instantly
Sound engineers are also audio engineers, there is absolutely no difference between both just difference in English. You can equip yourself with audio engineering skills if it’s something you’ve always liked or you can enroll in any of the courses as a way of exploring other areas of study

The sound engineering courses listed in this post are 100% online and free to enroll and they also offer a certificate after your studies. Although depending on the platform, university, or college offering the sound engineering course, the certificate may be free or paid for

Getting a certificate in a specific area of study you have completed is highly worth it in the workforce. You can attach the certificate to your already existing one and automatically get ahead of the workforce competition. You’ve automatically become valuable to your company, organization, or business and also to yourself

Due to these reasons, you must get a certificate in any of the free online sound engineering courses you can start and complete

== Who is a sound engineer? ==
A sound engineer is someone who mixes, reproduces and adjusts the equalization and electronic effects of sound

A sound engineer doesn’t necessarily have to work only in the music field, they also design and control the sound at theaters, conferences, and every other event that requires the use of sound for a large number of people

== Is sound engineering a good career? ==
The straightforward answer to this is – YES

And why is that so?
Sound engineering is an in-demand skill and also a futuristic business idea because the use of sound to pass out information will never stop. It is an industry that will keep growing and it is never too late to get skilled as a sound engineer and enter the industry

With the proper guidelines and teachings, you will become an expert sound engineer in no time. Fortunately, we at sanation-390e0d.ingress-erytho.easywp.com have eliminated, for you, the stress of browsing all over the internet searching for how to study to become an expert sound engineer

In this post, we have brought to light the best sound engineering courses that will get you to become a professional in no time. To crown it all, you don’t have to pay to enroll in these sound engineering courses as they are FREE!
Certifications are also offered for all the sound engineering courses listed here which you can get for a small fee, or in some cases, free too. The certification will help you in gaining employment in a sound engineering company

Or if you decide to go freelance then you have an authentic certification to show to your clients that you actually possess the skill. This would increase your client’s trust and offering you a sound engineering job is certain

The free online sound engineering courses are taught by highly skilled professionals and lecturers in the field. So you in turn will be learning from some of the world’s best sound engineers

Without further ado, let’s get started on the free online sound engineering courses for you to begin immediate enrollment

= Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates =
**The following are the top 12 best free online sound engineering courses with certificates on the internet currently as gathered from our research
The Digital Workstation Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics Creating Sounds for Electronic Music Introduction to Acoustics Audio Engineering: EQ and Compression for Beginners Pro Tools Basics The Technology of Music Production The Business of Music Production Critical Listening for Studio Production Vocal Recording Technology Synthesis and Sound Design Mix and Mastering
== 1. The Digital Workstation ==
This is one of the free online sound engineering courses that introduce learners to the fundamentals of music production. The
**Digital Workstation certificate course** will equip you with the basic knowledge required to begin producing

The skills you’ll gain include audio and acoustics, MIDI instruments, automation, exporting, hardware setup, software setup, sequencer, mixer, and more. The course is taught by SoundBridge Academy and delivered online by Simpliv – an online learning website

== 2. Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics ==
This course teaches students the basic concepts of using acoustics and electronics to understand musical sound and make music with electronic instruments

It is one of the

**free online sound engineering courses** offered by the University of Rochester and delivered online via Coursera. It takes approximately 14 hours to complete and topics to be covered include sound waves, musical sound, basic electronics, and the application of these basic principles in amplifiers and speaker design

== 3. Creating Sounds for Electronic Music ==
This course is part of the electronic music production specialization and it is offered by Berklee College of Music and delivered via
With your already existing skills of digital audio workstations, this course will go on to teach you how to create sounds and make use of them in your own musical composition. You will gain skills in music production and also be able to use software synthesizers

== 4. Introduction to Acoustics ==
In your journey to becoming an expert sound engineer, you also need some theoretical knowledge that will guide you. The course,
**Introduction to Acoustics provides such theoretical knowledge that every sound engineer would need

The course is among the free online sound engineering courses and it introduces learners to acoustics by using the concept of impedance. The course requires just 14 hours to complete after which you’ll earn a certificate

== 5. Audio Engineering: EQ and Compression for Beginners ==
For every audio engineering, EQ and compressors play a vital role as it is used in controlling and shaping music, movies, and TV show. EQ is widely used in and even outside the audio world, compressors are not as widely used as EQ but it is still a very important knowledge to possess

**audio engineering EQ and compression course** is one of the free online sound engineering courses offered by Udemy and it is taught by a professional sound engineer. The paid certificate is also available

== 6. Pro Tools Basics ==
In the production of musical sound or music, there are certain tools that you need to know how to use as they are very important in bringing your musical ideas to life. This course is another of the free online sound engineering courses provided by
**Berklee College of Music**

The course introduces students to the world of Avid Pro Tools and Pro Tools First which are necessary tools to transmit the musical idea in your head into the DAW in a creative and uninhibited way. Get a paid certificate after the course completion

== 7. The Technology of Music Production ==
Before music is produced, it goes through many processes such as recording, mixing, and editing. In your journey to becoming an expert sound engineer, you need to know this process

This course provides just that. The

**Technology of Music Production** is another of the free online sound engineering courses taught by Berklee College of Music. Students will learn about the music production process and the right tools in using to create music on your computer. A certificate awaits you once you complete your study

== 8. The Business of Music Production ==
This is for you if you already have sound engineering skills and if you have completed one or more of the sound engineering courses here you can dive into this course

This course will equip you with skills on how to monetize your sound engineering skills and also teach you how to launch your career as a music producer. You will go on to gain skills in copyright, music recording, contracts, pro tools, music business, revenue streams, music/audio production, and team building

**Get the certification** after successful completion of the course

== 9. Critical Listening for Studio Production ==
**critical listening for studio production** is one of the free online sound engineering courses provided by Queen’s University and offered online by FutureLearn – an online learning platform

This course is designed to improve your listening skills by teaching you technical ear training programs to make you have critical listening skills required in a music studio context. One of the qualities required of all sound engineers is the ability to listen, and this course provides those skills for you

You will be equipped with the theoretical knowledge of sound and audio, and technical mastery of studio hardware and software. There’s a certificate awaiting you, but you need to pay a little fee to acquire it

== 10. Vocal Recording Technology ==
The course,
**Vocal Recording Technology is another of the free online engineering courses provided by Berklee College of Music and offered online for learning by edX. It explores new technologies in vocal production, audio engineering, recording, and mixing

You’ll learn an understanding of vocal technologies and music production, be able to use new and emerging techniques and technologies to improve your skill as a sound engineer. Get the certification at the end of the course to increase the client’s trust level in your skills

== 11. Synthesis and Sound Design ==
Take your sound engineering skills to the next level by
** enrolling in this course It teaches the arts and secrets of audio synthesis, sampling, and sound design

The course has eight topics which require approximately 23 hours to complete. Some of the topics include serum, massive, FM synthesis, modular synthesis basics, Reaktor blocks, and more. The certificate comes at a cheap rate, getting it would do you a lot of good in the workforce

== 12. Mix and Mastering ==
**Mixing and mastering** are pretty much all you are learning from the basics to the pro level though. This course will equip you with techniques, tips, and tricks that expert mixing and mastering engineers use

With these skills gained, you have automatically taken your sound engineering skills to a much higher level and have worth more to yourself or your organization. The course takes approximately 36 hours to complete and you get to study at your own pace

Some of the topics to be discussed include; an intro to mixing, equalizers, dynamic processors, time-domain effects, basics of mastering, and more. After your course, get the certification

**These are the free online sound engineering courses, you can enroll anytime you can and begin your studies
== How to Enroll in the Free Online Sound Engineering Courses ==
Enrolling in any of these courses are pretty easy, you simply need to click on the “sign up” button to create an account. You can create an account using your email address and if you don’t have one quickly head to gmail.com and create a free Gmail account

However, if you have an already existing account on the website, then you don’t need to click on “sign up”. Click “log in”, input the correct login details and you can start learning immediately

The courses listed here are 100% free but you need to pay for the certificate, and that will be sent to your email where you can then proceed to print it out. Once printed out, you can attach it to your already existing CV/Resume which will hold other degrees (s) or certificates you may have acquired earlier

The online copy of the certificate can be uploaded to your LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Upwork account to attract potential clients

== Conclusion ==
Gaining more than one skill is never a bad thing, in fact, it will help you a whole lot more. The current business model changes all the time and who knows which direction it will change too. Although it is currently in the digital stage

Enrolling in one or more of the free online sound engineering courses listed in this post will help you kick start a career in the musical space

You don’t have to want to be a musician to enroll in any of the courses, your skills are also very valuable in the digital space

In the making of every game, movie, TV show, and general videography a sound engineer is highly useful, and with your sound engineering skills, you already have an in-demand skill. As sound is still forever useful

== Recommendations ==

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