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- Product Type - MP3 Player
- Memory - 2GB
- Battery - Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
- Memory - 2GB
- Storage Capacity: 2GB (1,000 songs)
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 Product Description 
The ZEN V Plus player was designed for people like youthose who walk a step or two ahead of the pack. So do not be surprised when people take notice of your cool, colorful music, photo and video player. Tell them you carry up to 2,000 songs with you. Tell them you can watch video on the go. Show them just a handful of the photos youve stored on the pocket sized powerhouse. And tell them there is even more but they will have to get their own

Amazon.com Product Description With a tiny, eye-catching design, smooth contours, and a discreet size, the Creative Zen V Plus 2 GB Portable Media Player fits perfectly in your palm and slides effortlessly into your smallest pocket. With 2 GB of storage space,
A 1.5-inch OLED screen displays rich and vibrant photos, as well as the easy-to-use Creative interface. View all Zen V Plus features

Not much bigger than a pair of earbuds! (black and orange model shown) See the Zen V Plus in 3D. the Zen V Plus holds up to 1,000 songs, and the 1.5-inch OLED screen displays rich and vibrant photos, full-color menus, and album art at any viewing angle. Another great feature built right into the Zen V Plus is the tiny device's ability to support subscription services and pay-per-download music. Plus, you'll never sweat formats--the Zen V Plus plays the broadest selection of MP3 and WMA music. And browsing your music collection has never been easier with Creative's innovative interface that enables effective and intuitive navigation and track selection. The Plus has an extra feature that it's predecessor lacked: the ability to play short video clips. With the Zen V Plus you can watch short clips in transcoded video format and impress your friends with the latest tidbits from the web or a brief glimpse of a home video

Another great features is the Direct CD Recording function that allows you to record songs directly from a CD player or other audio source without using a PC as an intermediary. You no longer need to burn CDs to your PC then download to your MP3 player. Just connect an audio device directly to your Zen V Plus, and record your favorite CDs, records, beats and more, directly from the source. Meanwhile, automatic track detection separates each song for you--a handy feature when you're converting analog (records and cassette tapes) to digital. If organization is a high priority, the Zen V Plus's Personal Organizer will help you stay connected and in-sync with your Microsoft Outlook information. Just connect the Zen V Plus to your PC, sync your Outlook information, and you'll be ready to carry around your contacts, calendar, and to-do lists right in your pocket. Plus, the Zen V Plus uses a handy built-in microphone to double as a voice recorder, so you can capture notes, record lectures, and more

No matter how you hold it, the Zen V Plus is just the right size. Creative knows that sporty is sexy, and this player is ideal for any workout junkie. The skip-free playback is perfect on your morning jog or your most rigorous workout at the gym. The optional armband and case fit comfortably on your arm and keep your Zen V Plus safe and secure while running or lifting. The Zen V Plus player was designed for people who appreciate style and function. Don't be surprised when people take notice of your cool, colorful music and photo player. You can proudly announce that your device carries up to 1,000 songs, and you can show off your favorite photos and video clips that you've stored on this pocket-sized powerhouse

What's in the Box
Creative Zen V Plus, earphones, drawstring pouch, lanyard, USB 2.0 cable, line-in cable, neck strap, installation CD including user manual, and quick start guide

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*Great product*Great product
Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2007
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As to my needs, my music collection is by no means extensive or large, consisting of about 400 songs at the most; I'm currently subscribed to a dozen or so podcasts that are updated weekly; I not a big fan of audio books, although I purchase about one every month to listen to during slow working hours or long walks; and I have no interest in carrying around photos, videos, or contact information on my MP3 players

With all that in mind, the Zen V is a perfect fit. It is by far the best MP3 player I have owned. Construction wise, it feels rugged and so far has withstood repeated drops to the floor and getting soaked with sweat during my workouts

You have to see it for yourself to realize how lightweight and how compact the Zen V really is. Just to give you an idea, so far my biggest complaint about its size is the fact that it has made me acutely aware of the inconvenience of carrying earphones around, the size of which was negligible with other players I have owned

I have found Zen V's navigation system to be very usable, although it took me a while to get the hang of it. Most of the buttons are overloaded, in the sense that they perform different functions depending on the current navigation menu and whether they are pressed briefly or held down for a few seconds

The screen is very small, but it does a good job of displaying track information and album art. I doubt it would be as effective in displaying pictures, but so far I haven't used that feature and I'm not likely to do so

The earphones that come with it are absolutein my opinion, but I had a trusty pair from a previous purchase. So that wasn't much of a problem

I found the bundled software to bebut after a few days I found that I didn't need it at all. Windows Media Player 11 is able to sync with this device, uploading all supported media files and album info (including album art), and even down converting the qaulity of uploaded music files to have them all fit into the player's memory. I was used to using my MP3 players as flash disks, simply dragging and dropping files to them as I would with any USB drive. However, I was so impressed with Window Media Player 11 functionality and strong integration features that I now use it exclusively to manage my music collection and the Zen V

As to podcasting, I use Juice podcasting software and Windows Media Player 11 auto playlists feature. It is by no means as good as iTunes' built in podcasting features, but it is a fully automated solution that works well for me

As to auido books, I purchase those from Audible, and the AudibleManager software is able to upload files directly to the Zen V without using any third-party software. The Zen V is able to play large files (eight hours long is the biggest I have tried so far), and the bookmarks feature is indispensable for audio books

The biggest problem so far has been the lack of accessories. I can't find a decent pair of speakers that would double as a charging station. Creative offers a universal charging adaptor that is supposed to work with the Zen V, and they also offer a few generic speaker systems as well. But nothing nearly as aesthetically pleasing as one would find for the iPod in its many incarnations

Even with all of those caveats, I'm still a very satisfied customer, and I believe anyone with similarly modest needs will find the Zen V to be very satisfactory

First thing, here are the strengths. DL music is a snap. It's got a nice menu and plenty of extra's like a full manual EQ plus extra dsp modes like classic, pop, rock, etc. Really sounds nice! Full player settings like display timer, contrast settings, idle sleep, snooze timer, etc. It has plenty of photo settings and even clock settings. It has a nice OLED display and ofcourse you can dl your own wallpaper. It has a microphone for recordings, fm radio, which I haven't used so I can't comment. Video's, photo options. As far as the music is concerned it has playlist that you can create in a snap, in which you need it connectd to your pc to do. You have the option og playing through your playlist, bookmarks, albums,artists,genres, all tracks, and recordings

I like the little toggle switch to scroll through the menu

I'm an athlete and I can tell you it is great for working out. Excellent armbad, stays securly on your bicep, or in my case the forearm. You need to purchase the protective case for the armband to work

Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, very convenient. Battery life isn't too bad, will last you the whole day and then some as long as you don't keep activating the display. Put it on random play and leave it alone

Now for it's shortcoming:
It does freeze up from time to time. I've noticed in the months I've had it that it freezes up mostly when you start repeating tracks. When it does, you have to push the play/pause button twice to restart it. It's actually gotten better in time, then when I first started using it. Just a little glitch. I think all players have some sort of issue, this one isn't any different

I've been satisfied with this player, so I went and bought another one. This time I purchased the V Plus 4GB. I will write a review for that one after a I get some usage out of it. I really don't think you could beat it's size convenience and features


So to follow up on this review of this product, she finally died. Freezed up on me and I couldn't bring her back. Now I'm not sure what the life spans are on MP3 players in general. I'm very rough on them because I always use it when working out and use it during work. So I logged lots of hours on it. I haven't been using MP3 players long, so I don't know how long they actually last. I still think though that Creative needs to address their relatively short life span. It's to bad because it really has lots of potential. It's a great sounding player, great menu that is very user friendly, excellent for working out, great OLED display, but they need to get more lifespan out of it

UPDATE: I decided to order another one and see if maybe I had a faulty one. I was really happy with it while I had it and really miss it. I can't stand I-Pod and the Zune, so I will right another update sometime in the near future.