= Creative Zen V Plus 4 GB Portable Media Player (Black/Blue) =
 Product details 
|Brand||Creative Labs|
|Connectivity Technology||USB|
|Memory Storage Capacity||4 GB|
|Screen Size||1.5 Inches|
|Component Type||Battery|
- Product Type - MP3 Player
- Memory - 4GB
- Battery - Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
- Memory - 4GB
- Storage Capacity: 4GB (2,000 songs)
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 Product Description 
The ZEN V Plus player was designed for people like youthose who walk a step or two ahead of the pack. So do not be surprised when people take notice of your cool, colorful music, photo and video player. Tell them you carry up to 2,000 songs with you. Tell them you can watch video on the go. Show them just a handful of the photos youve stored on the pocket sized powerhouse. And tell them there is even more but they will have to get their own

Amazon.com Product Description With a tiny, eye-catching design, smooth contours, and a discreet size, the Creative Zen V Plus 4 GB Portable Media Player fits perfectly in your palm and slides effortlessly into your smallest pocket. With 4 GB of storage space,
A 1.5-inch OLED screen displays rich and vibrant photos, as well as the easy-to-use Creative interface. View all Zen V Plus features

Not much bigger than a pair of earbuds! (black and orange model shown) See the Zen V Plus in 3D. the Zen V Plus holds up to 2,000 songs, and the 1.5-inch OLED screen displays rich and vibrant photos, full-color menus, and album art at any viewing angle. Another great feature built right into the Zen V Plus is the tiny device's ability to support subscription services and pay-per-download music. Plus, you'll never sweat formats--the Zen V Plus plays the broadest selection of MP3 and WMA music. And browsing your music collection has never been easier with Creative's innovative interface that enables effective and intuitive navigation and track selection. The Plus has an extra feature that it's predecessor lacked: the ability to play short video clips. With the Zen V Plus you can watch short clips in transcoded video format and impress your friends with the latest tidbits from the web or a brief glimpse of a home video

Another great feature is a Direct CD Recording function that allows you to record songs directly from a CD player or other audio source without using a PC as an intermediary. You no longer need to burn CDs to your PC then download to your MP3 player. Just connect an audio device directly to your Zen V Plus, and record your favorite CDs, records, beats and more, direct from the source. Meanwhile, automatic track detection separates each song for you--a handy feature when you're converting analog (records and cassette tapes) to digital. If organization is a high priority, the Zen V Plus's Personal Organizer will help you stay connected and in-sync with your Microsoft Outlook information. Just connect the Zen V Plus to your PC, sync your Outlook information, and you'll be ready to carry around your contacts, calendar, and to-do lists right in your pocket. Plus, the Zen V Plus uses a handy built-in microphone to double as a voice recorder, so you can capture notes, record lectures, and more

No matter how you hold it, the Zen V Plus is just the right size. Creative knows that sporty is sexy, and this player is ideal for any workout junkie. The skip-free playback is perfect on your morning jog or your most rigorous workout at the gym. The optional armband and case fit comfortably on your arm and keep your Zen V Plus safe and secure while running or lifting. The Zen V Plus player was designed for people who appreciate style and function. Don't be surprised when people take notice of your cool, colorful music and photo player. You can proudly announce that your device carries up to 2,000 songs, and you can show off your favorite photos and video clips that you've stored on this pocket-sized powerhouse

What's in the Box
Creative Zen V Plus, earphones, drawstring pouch, lanyard, USB 2.0 cable, line-in cable, neck strap, installation CD including user manual, and quick start guide

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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2006
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Documentation provided for its use is dismal; you need to be willing to spend time and just figure out on your own how things work. You can find help in the user forums here at Amazon, or the Creative forums. An installation CD is included with the player with lots ofwarnings: "DO NOT connect your player to your computer before setting up the software." Interestingly enough, further along in the booklet, it is mentioned how to use the player with a computer that doesn't have the software installed. Since I don't like to install all these specialty programs if I can help it, I've found this player will work just fine without the Creative software - Windows Media Player will work with it fine. (Edit, 5-27-08 -- I've since discovered that though WMP works fine for loading things onto the player, it does not do a good job for when you want to delete something. I went ahead & installed the Creative Media Explorer and now use that for loading and deleting, and it works fine.) Overdrive and Audible each have their own programs that you need to get their books, and they will handle the transfers to the player. Suggest you try with or without the special software and see which you find works best for you

The player has a bookmarking function, something that is really necessary for audiobooks, not so much with music. The bookmarks, however, are not at all intuitive to use, and figuring them out took several visits to the forums mentioned above. Now that I know how to use them, I still find times when I have to make more than one try to get it done. (Another edit, 5-27-08, I've found that when using the bookmarking function, will only play the track that has been bookmarked, then stop. In other words, the Overdrive books are divided into segments that are roughly an hour in length; say I'm 30 minutes into segment 8 and bookmark, if I resume from the bookmarked point, it will play to the end of segment 8 and stop. Now that's fine if it's not been that long since I was listening, but if I don't remember which section I was in, it's back to hunting to see which segment I need to go to next. Since the Audible books are one long file, the bookmarks would work fine for them) The good news is, I'm finding it's not really necessary to bookmark all that often. When listening to a book, if you just turn the player off (without pausing first), when you next turn it on it will resume playing from the point at which it was powered down. So unless you want to listen to part of one book, then go on to listen to something else, bookmarks aren't necessary

The battery life for a fully charged player seems to be only about 8-10 hours, which is a bit shorter than I'd like, but it's OK. (Edit 5-27-08 - I've since purchased an AC charger for this unit that has made life a lot easier. I found the relatively short battery life was getting to be a nuisance - couldn't even listen to a full book before needing to charge. I just charge back up pretty much daily now)
The player has a little "joystick" for navigating around the menus - I've seen reviews that don't like this, but I do like it. It's easy to navigate with. The screen is nice and readable. Since I don't store photos or watch videos, I can't comment on those aspects of the player except to say it's supposed to do them

Main things I like: 4GB storage, a nice amount for carrying several books with me to listen to. Nice readable screen, easy to navigate to what I want to hear. Bookmarks if I need them. When turned off, resumes at where you were - also keeps the volume at the same level (I have another player that always returns to its preset volume which is higher than I like when turned off then back on - that's annoying). Small size, nice looking player. I still feel that I'm in the learning stage with this player, but feel I've discovered the main things I need to know

The form factor for the Zen V is terrific. The tiny size and curved shape make this comfortable to hold in your hand or slip in your pocket. And despite its all-plastic construction, it seems as if the Zen V can stand up to some abuse. I've found that it also does not scratch as easily as my previous player, the result of a scratch-resistant polymer coating. I plan to take this player running, camping, to the gym, etc., and don't feel like I'll need to "baby" it

The interface is what you'd expect from Creative: simple, intuitive and powerful. There are many options for customizing, including choosing main menu options to display, setting photos as wallpaper and rotating display orientation -- and corresponding controls -- in 90-degree increments, so you don't have to strain your neck to read the display when your player is strapped to your arm. I feel like Creative spent some time figuring out what real users would want in a player. Also, despite its small size, the five-position joystick is easy to use and works well in combination with the interface

Of course, the Zen V Plus also has a boatload of other features that you may or may not care for depending on your needs: FM radio with 32 presets, voice recorder, line-recording and PIM functionality (you can sync your calendar, contacts and tasks with MS Outlook)

I can really only come up with two negatives for the Zen V Plus. One is battery life, which at 15 hours (less if you use a lot of EQ) is on the low end of the scale compared to some of the newer players. If you plan on taking this on long trips, I suggest getting an AC wall charger. (Hint: the bargain-priced charger for the Zen Micro works just fine with this unit.)
The other possible drawback is the OLED screen, which is small, has lower resolution than most LCD screens and is difficult to see in bright sunlight. On the other hand, if you're buying this primarily as a music player and not a multimedia device, the screen is more than adequate. It is quite vibrant (the colors really pop) and does a decent enough job with photos

Some also might be disappointed that this device is not true UMS (although you can partition the memory for storage). I run Win XP and am the sole user of the device, so having an MTP player is no big deal for me. I have my music organized by folders, which I drag and drop onto the player using Creative's Media Explorer. (Note: like the Sansa and some other players out there, the Zen V uses ID3 tags to categorize music and display file properties, so it pays to make sure your tags are cleaned up and correct.)
The Good:
Excellent sound, with no system noise
Convenient size and form factor
Simple, but powerful interface
The Not So Good
Small, low-resolution screen
Battery life could be better