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= SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player, Black - microSD card slot and FM Radio - SDMX26-008G-G46K =
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|Connectivity Technology||USB|
|Memory Storage Capacity||8192 MB|
|Screen Size||0.96 Inches|
|Media Type||Micro SD|
|Included Components||USB 2.0 transfer cable, Quick start guide, Earphones, SanDisk Jam Sport MP3 Player|
|Component Type||Battery|
|Supported Standards||MP3|
|Battery Life||18 Hours|
= About this item =
- Super lightweight wearable personal music player
- Deep rich sound quality with a built-in micro SD card expansion slot
- Play audio files in lots of formats (MP3 WMA (no DRM) AAC (DRM free iTunes) and Audible (DRM only))
- Up to 18 hour battery life (Based on continuous playback at 128 kbps MP3. Actual life and performance may vary upon usage and settings; battery is not replaceable.)
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 Clip Jam player 
At a Glance:
- Compact and lightweight wearable MP3 player with FM radio tuner
- Holds up to 8GB with additional storage through microSD card slot (3)
- Supports popular audio formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and Audible
- Battery lasts up to 18 hours (4) per charge
- 2-year limited warranty (5)
 SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 player, 8 GB, Black 
The SanDisk Clip Jam player puts the fun back into listening to music while on the move. This lightweight clip-on MP3 player comes with 8 GB (1) of storage, so you can carry up to 2,000 (2) of your favorite songs or audiobooks, and it also has a built-in microSD card slot, so you can add even more storage (3). Compatible with most popular audio formats and featuring an FM radio tuner, the player delivers great sound for up to 18 hours (4). Its bright screen and large navigation buttons let you easily choose songs and create playlists

What's in the Box?
- SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 player (Black)
- Earphones

== Tote A ll Your Tunes in Style ==

The SanDisk Clip Jam player has 8GB (1) of wearable storage, so you can clip it on and carry your music collection and favorite podcasts or audiobooks anywhere. If you need additional space, the Clip Jam player comes with a built-in microSD card slot (3). The compact and lightweight player is available in a rainbow of bold colors--black, blue, green, orange, and pink to match your personal style

== Supports Most Popular Audio Formats ==
Now you can enjoy audio from almost any source, because this digital music player is compatible with many popular audio formats, including MP3, WMA (no DRM), WAV, and Audible (DRM only). With AAC file compatibility, the player allows you to load songs from your iTunes library without having to first convert them to MP3 format

== Big Sound, Long Battery Life ==
The SanDisk Clip Jam player delivers rich sound quality that helps make your commute and workouts more pleasurable. And you can crank up the volume without having to constantly recharge your player--the battery lasts up to 18 hours (4) on a single charge

== Includes Earphones and Built-In FM Radio Tuner ==
The SanDisk Clip Jam player comes with a comfortable set of earphones and a built-in FM radio tuner, so you can listen to the radio or news

 Bright User Panel and Easy Navigation 
This user-friendly player has a bright display screen that helps you see song choices easily, as well as large buttons for easy navigation

Legal Disclaimers

(1) 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less

(2) Based on 3-1/2-minute songs. Approximations: results may vary based on the file attributes and other factors

(3) Card not included; sold separately

(4) Based on continuous playback at 128 Kbps MP3. Actual life and performance may vary upon usage and settings; battery is not replaceable

(5) Visit our official website

|SanDisk Clip Jam, 8GB, Black||SanDisk Clip Jam, 8GB, Blue||SanDisk Clip Jam, 8GB, Orange||SanDisk Clip Jam, 8GB, Green||SanDisk Clip Jam, 8GB, Pink|
|Screen||0.96 inchOLED (128x640.96 inchOLED (128x640.96 inchOLED (128x640.96 inchOLED (128x640.96 inchOLED (128x64)|
|Battery||Up to 18 hours||Up to 18 hours||Up to 18 hours||Up to 18 hours||Up to 18 hours|
|Micro USB 2.0 port
|microSD Card Slot
|FM stereo radio tuner
|Includes Earphones
|OS Compatibility||Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.3,USB 2.0 port||Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.3,USB 2.0 port||Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.3,USB 2.0 port||Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.3,USB 2.0 port||Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.3,USB 2.0 port|
|Audio Formats||MP3, WMA (NO DRM), AAC, WAV, and Audible (DRM onlyMP3, WMA (NO DRM), AAC, WAV, and Audible (DRM onlyMP3, WMA (NO DRM), AAC, WAV, and Audible (DRM onlyMP3, WMA (NO DRM), AAC, WAV, and Audible (DRM onlyMP3, WMA (NO DRM), AAC, WAV, and Audible (DRM only)|
|Warranty||Two year limited warranty||Two year limited warranty||Two year limited warranty||Two year limited warranty||Two year limited warranty|

== What's in the box ==
== Product Description ==
Put the fun back into music-on-the-go with the compact and colorful Clip Jam digital music player you can clip on and take anywhere. The one inch screen and big navigation buttons make it easy to drag, drop and play files, create playlists and see what's playing now. This lightweight clip-on player comes with 8GB of storage, so you can carry 2000 of your favorite songs, or your audiobook library—it plays many popular audio formats, like MP3, WMA (no DRM), AAC (DRM free iTunes), and Audible (DRM only) and delivers deep, rich sound for up to 18 hours on a single charge. Use the built-in microSD card slot to add even more storage to your music player. The Clip Jam player is available in a rainbow of eye-popping colors and comes with earphones and an FM radio tuner for when you want to check on traffic or listen to the news. (1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less.) (Card not included; sold separatelyBased on continuous playback at 128 kbps MP3. Actual life and performance may vary upon usage and settings; battery is not replaceable)
== Customer reviews ==

*Love it!*Love it!
Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2022
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 Top reviews from the United States 
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1. The Jam screen is smaller but much more functional for book listening. The Go uses most of the screen to show a picture, which I could care less about. What I do care about - and this is the main reason I prefer the Jam - is that when it lists the chapter it also lists the total number of chapters. I find this helpful when listening to a book on and off and trying to figure out where I am in the folder and the chapter

2. The tracking bar that shows the progress of the chapter visually and with the running times is much better on the Jam. The Go has a little line that you can hardly see move to show the chapter progress, and does not show times. So with by far the smaller screen the Jam is much better for tracking audio book progress

3. The middle button on the Jam is round and larger than the small rectangular button on the Go. This makes it easier to find and execute commands without looking. Not having to pick it up and look to enter commands is very helpful while walking or listening in bed

4. The main negative is that the Jam is only 8GB where the Go is 16 and 32 for not much extra. You can use a micro-SD card, but for my books 8 is enough. I can load an average of 8 books with 8GB and I don't like to manage more than this at one time. I'm not sure all the functionality will be the same using an SD card. On other models I've used, books on an SD card did not work as well

5. Another negative, the volume control on the Jam is smaller and closer to the main body. It works but I wish it had the same one as the Go

6. A great thing for book listening. that both models have, is something unique I did not find on any other brand. One of the sound equalizer options is FULL TREBLE. This makes the speaker's voice more intelligible - much like a voice option on a sound bar. I suppose you could duplicate this in other brands using the custom option - but having it available as an option is optimal for books on tape

Clip Sport Go Review

The greats are gone - Sandisk Sansa Fuse and Kubik Evo. I still have one Kubik left, but they don't last forever so I started my search for a replacement. Alas, there are none in the reasonable price range for a device with a somewhat short life span. Only one close is the Sandisk. I settled on the Clip Sport Go model, but the others might work as well. You can spend hours searching Amazon, and keep finding new MP3 models days after you started your search. There must be dozens and there is no easy way to find the one best suited to your needs

If you listen while walking or falling asleep, you need to meet some basic requirements:
1. Buttons - you have to be able to work controls without looking, and not have it change while in your pocket. Impossible with touch controls, although some have a lock out option

2. Volume control accessible without looking - same reason as 1

3. Folder Menu - song files that are individual and not critical to be played in order won't work for MP3 books. Setting up playlists for books is not an option. You must be able to use folders - and be prepared to label chapters 01, 02, 03, etc. on your computer before transfer, or sequencing will not always work

4. Pick up play where left off - for obvious reasons

5. Autooff at end of chapter - if you fall asleep listening you want to be able to find where you left off, and you don't want the thing playing in your ear all night. When you wake up you can recall where you started and work from there

6. A detailed manual - Is this too much to ask. Sandisk has a 50 page manual online you can actually read without a microscope

I spent literally hours in several long searches through Amazon trying to find something better than the Sandisk. I would have liked something a bit bigger, like the Fuse or Evo, but none met the above requirements. Tried the Wiwoos, Oakcastle, Victure, Ruizu, Agbetek. All have similar clunky menu options, some better than others, but none meet the above criteria. None have a serious manual, so figure it out yourself buddy is the mentality. Several have an no looping autooff option, but none of them, and I mean none of them worked at the end of a chapter - they just keep running

I could detail individual faults but since none could compete with the Sandisk what's the use. I really wanted a couple of the larger ones to work, but wishing did not make it so. I'll keep looking for one to match the Fuse of Evo but the MP3 audiobook market is either too small or not recognized by the manufacturers. I'm going to purchase aof Sandisks before they disappear

So next I turned the computer off, disconnected the Clip Jam, turned the computer on and connected the Clip Jam, this time it did show up. Went through the process againthe computer must be on before connecting the Jam

Went to the Jam's Music folder and found 2 MP3's already there. They played via Windows Media Player

Then added several MP3's via copy and paste to the Jam and they also played via WMP

Then used a male to male 3.5 stereo cord to connect the Jam to my Panasonic boom box which is hooked up to Bose speakers. The Pana has a setting for "music player"

At first the volume was barely audible. Figured out I hadn't pushed the volume control. Turned all the way up, the system works fine, so far. Sound quality is not exactly as rich but a little more dynamic than MP3's played via a USB stick through a port for that on the Pana, (via the Bose speakers). The tradeoff is worthwhile, and the volume is fine, can be controlled secondarily via the Pana

On the Jam, I also set the gain to maximum via Settings

I set the volume leveler but it doesn't really work that well. I use software to add or subtract gain from an MP3 file, the program is called MP3 Gain and it's free but recommend donating to the author

I also turned off the shuffle function after I heard a few songs repeated several times when I have hundreds of songs to work through on this unit

Tried the Jam on my Chromebook and it synced perfectly, plays the music on that

The earbuds also have a nice sound, although they tended to keep falling out of my ears

 Top reviews from other countries 
*almost 3 years old and still going stong*almost 3 years old and still going stong
Volume, some reviewers on here say it's too low.. i've never found this issue, only have it set at 30% volume and loud enough to enjoy, if you want to really go loud then sandisk website gives guidance on how to max out the volume.. not sure why you'd want to but the option is there. Also some people are saying that the player warns you when you increase the volume too loud; you can turn this warning off if you wish - instruction manual does tell you how to do this!

Battery life, well after 3 yrs it still only takes an hour or so to charge in the evening and it's good to go for the next day

*Its quiet - What ?? I said its really Quiet - Pardon ? - you get the picture*Its quiet - What ?? I said its really Quiet - Pardon ? - you get the picture
It is quite easily theMP3 Player I have ever owned and I cannot believe I wasenough to fall for the hype and lash out twenty five quid for thepiece of. When I run I may as well just leave the radio on at home with the window open - its about as audiologically effective as wearing this

PS audiologically - I made that word up someone contact the dictionary people and see if they'll put it in..

*All-round good, couple of major flaws*All-round good, couple of major flaws
Hardware is reliable, nothing broke or failed during 2-3 years of use. Lost it unfortunately. Quick charge, and I never noticed any great depreciation of the battery cycle length. Menu system is intuitive, good, clear etc. etc. SD support is OK, again it's quite easy to depress the sprung card release but it has never caused any problems with the player or card when that happens, remounts in seconds even with a full capacity 32gB (the maximum expansion supported). That might be improved upon, but it isn't critical. Not sure why it can't just fold the SD card content into the main music menu (it lives elsewhere in the menu structure), I would have preferred that. Fortunately you can still differentiate music and audio books within the SD mounted content, which is good as the audiobook feature comes with increased playback speed which is excellent for listening to e.g.non-fiction, reference material etc

But whoever okay'd some of the design changes from the earlier iteration Clip player, so that a) the power buttonproud of the enclosure front panel and b) the power button overrides the key lock it's such a majorly important oversight here that it was a noticeable impact on my experience with this player. When clipping isn't an option, which is majority of the time for me funnily enough, a pocket on a snug pair of jeans can easily switch these devices off even if you lock the buttons. Poor form. I've used various generations of these for ages as my day-to-day PMP, and I'll probably buy one of the other Clip models again but if this design element sticks, I can see myself discontinuing that trend. Pretty godirritating

CLIP Sport GO 32: So I did buy another on again - a downward trend pretty much continues here. The same problem with the power button, indeed. Another major issue comes in to play at this generation, and it's me about done with the Clip players. On this one, get this, the player doesn't read the track index tags. It lists and plays album songs in alphabetical order. Unbelievable. I tried all common tag types and none of them worked. They suggest making playlists for all of your albums, re-working your whole digital music collection just to work around this device's shortcomings, or whatever else, and there's no fix as of the latest firmware

What is included here is a "Folder" view, where you can just folder dive from device's root. OK, you can work with this - you can also customise device menus to remove options you don't want (everything besides "Folder" and "Settings", in my case). But there's even a problem with the file system in this area as well. When you compile the folder initially, it'll display the subfolders in alphabetical order as it should. If or when you add more in different sessions, it just lumps them down at the bottom when you view them on the device again - still making easy browsing not a thing. My solution was to spend an hour or so making new artists folder for all the loose albums, and dragging/dropping hundreds of records into its new parent folder. Ugh. Then dragging the whole content into a new folder in root. Eject the player to allow it to re-read media. Reconnect it, drop it all back in the empty 'Music' folder. Force it to re-read it, and hey joy. It's in order. I know I'm going to have to muck about every next time I add something. Am I going on a bit? It's kind of my point - this is all just a workaround to be able to browse my music

Nahhhhh. I can see myself ditching this one and going for something else and not bothering with SanDisk ones anymore. They're still good but these newer generation players have someoversights, which is weird because other aspects of general quality and reliability doesn't seem to have declined. I don't understand how design flaws creep in to an established product like this. It's wack. The old Clip+ with neon blue, plain text style, with the power button on the top, with today's battery & capacity, would be money

*Forwards and backwards progress in portable music players*Forwards and backwards progress in portable music players
In terms of improvements on 2008 technology - the Clip Jam 8GB has twice the storage capacity of the old Creative device, and I know you can buy much bigger variants. Just be aware that the SanDisk firmware limits the number of songs you can access to 2000, so there's a point beyond which it's not worth paying for a larger device

The display is also massively better than the old, non-existent one from 2008, and shows progress through each song/podcast etc., title, battery charge remaining and song number. It's black &and fairly small, with no album cover art being displayed. Still, very useful

Backward steps - the device seems obsessed with shuffling songs, which may be OK for some people, but I prefer to listen to albums in the order that the artist intended. It took me a bit of experimenting and online searching to discover that there are two "shuffle" settings - one offered to you as the default when you first select 'Music' and another separate one in the Settings menu that over-rides the first (and it was set to "shuffle" on my Clip Jam when I first powered it up)

Second backward step - it's not possible to just leave the device to play all songs in the order that they appear on each album. This seemed to be a fatal flaw, since I love to leave the player running on long flights, train journeys etc. and don't want to keep going back to the controls to move on to the next album. There is a work-around that you can find online, which creates a "playlist" of all your songs, in the correct order, and then plays through that playlist

Third backward step - the Creative Muvo was designed like a USB stick, so you just removed a cover and plugged it into your computer or tablet to transfer music. This one comes with a small USB-to-micro-USB cable (about 10cm long) which I just know I'm going to lose. The other day the battery ran down; I had a computer with me to charge it from, but not the little 10cm lead (or any other that would fit). D'oh!
Sound quality is OK, as long as you ditch the ear buds supplied and plug in a decent pair of headphones or quality ear buds

*Does the job, barely*Does the job, barely
The headphones that come with the player are theI've ever seen. One major fault is that the player won't play podcasts at double speed even though this feature is in the menu. It doesn't sync with Apple Podcasts, so dragging files onto the player is a hassle. The player turns on slowly

The build quality is nowhere near Apple products. I would happily pay four times the price for the player if it worked better and was more solid. Don't need a touch screen but a small, reliable and convenient player for listening to podcasts.