= Creative Zen 2 GB Portable Media Player (Black) =
 Product details 
|Brand||Creative Labs|
|Connectivity Technology||USB|
|Memory Storage Capacity||2 GB|
|Screen Size||2.5 Inches|
|Media Type||SD Card|
- Enjoy all your media on a device that's about the width of a credit card
- Watch 64 hours of videos, enjoy up to 4,000 of your favorite songs or share hundreds of photos with your friends
- 2.5-inch TFT color display with 320 x 240-pixel resolution and support for up to 16.7 million colors
- Clock and alarm function, volume restriction, eight equalizer settings, and a USB hard drive mode, SDHC support
- Weighs 2.1 ounces and measures 3.26 x 2.16 x .44 inches (W x H x D)
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Certified Refurbished in Original Sealed Package
== Product Description ==
 Product description 
This credit card-sized Creative ZEN has a stunning 2.5-inch color screen and is perfect for music, videos, and photos. Enjoy up to 500 MP3, WMA, or AAC songs; watch up to 70 hours of videos; and share hundreds of photos with your friends. Even expand your portable music, video, or photo collection by adding additional content through the convenient SD memory slot. The player also is available in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB capacities

A razor-sharp 2.5-inch display makes your photos and videos come to life. See the ZEN in detail

Small size, big features--all in the palm of your hand

Add even more storage capacity via the SD card slot

Credit Card-Sized Player Supports 16.7 Million Colors
View your album art, videos, and photos on this 2.5-inch razor-sharp TFT display. Your favorite photos will burst into life with 16.7 million colors on the fresh, new ZEN-patented user interface. The TFT display works under sunlight and allows everyone to watch your home videos and vacation slideshows from any angle

Truly a Multimedia Player
ZEN is the first Creative player to support unprotected AAC format, so you can enjoy all of your favorite CD tracks that you've ripped through iTunes software. ZEN also supports iTunes Plus tracks from the iTunes store, in addition to MP3 and WMA music tracks. It also is compatible with music subscription services such as Napster To Go and Rhapsody

ZEN also supports audio books from Audible.com. Download your favorite books to keep everyone entertained on long road trips, or download daily news reports every morning and listen to the news during your morning commute

Watch purchased or rented movies and TV shows from online services like Amazon Unbox. Share home videos, or load your TivoToGo recorded movies and TV shows

Plus, share your collections of latest photos in 16.7 million colors. Instantly turn your slideshows into attention-grabbing multimedia extravaganzas by adding your favorite song to the slideshow

Expandable Memory
Need more space? Add additional storage capacity with the built-in SD slot and easily play new music, videos, or photos on your player. With SD cards to go, carry virtually unlimited amounts of your digital library anywhere you go

FM Radio
In between your tunes, use the built-in FM radio to keep yourself up-to-date on world events, sports scores, or traffic reports. Or tune in to the program airing on the gym's TV while running on the treadmill

Battery Life
Enjoy up to 30 hours of your songs or 5 hours of video on a single charge--over a full day of music. Or 10 episodes of Scrubs!
What's in the Box
Creative ZEN 2 GB player, earphones, USB 2.0 cable, installation CD, and quick start guide

== Customer reviews ==

*Zen 16gb mp3 player.*Zen 16gb mp3 player

Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2019
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Unfortunately it didn't exist. iRiver got known for making its Clix series and was focusing on much smaller MP3 players that were between 2 and 4 GB. My old one was 20 GB. I listen to trance music more than anything else and I honestly have at least 10 GB of trance music alone that I want to be on my player, so a bigger capacity is a must. I also took a lot of good videos/pictures when I was on my cruise ship (in Hawaii) and wanted a device that I could use to share those with friends. For listening on my own, I use Shure E3C headphones (which are absolutely amazing by the way)

My first choice was to get the Archos 605 WiFi player that just came out. I figured it would solve all my problems. I don't need to go into too much detail about what it promises but the device looked really neat. I own a lot of DIVX movies and also thought I could just put them on the player (sized at 40 GB) and would be able to watch them whenever I wanted. The battery life was rated at 13 hours for music and 5 hours for video. The problem with the Archos is that it comes as a barebones sytem. Everything extra you want it to do costs more, including watching your own movies

I was under the impression that I could take videos on my digital camera and transfer them to my Archos media player and watch them like they were on my pc. NOPE. Ok so I have to convert them with the included software. NOPE. Nothing's included. I downloaded a sample program that converted files into any format you wanted but because it was a sample, there would be a watermark that would flash on and off the screen for the duration of your video that would only go away after you use the real program. Couple this kind of program in with the already $300 you spent on the unit and you're on your way to making it a not-so-user-friendly machine. Plus, when I took it to the office my first day of using it the battery barely lasted 8 hours playing music and showing minimal video. It had some nice features and had some nice add-ons available, but overall was not worth it for me. So I took that back to the store and was in the market for something new. I started looking into the newest MP3 players. That's when I saw the Creative Zen

They had the 8 GB version of the Zen at Circuit City (where I bought the Archos), but they did not have the 16 GB version that I would want. You can read the editor's review to find out all the actual specs, I'll just list what I like and don't like about it

When I first picked it up I was amazed at how light-weight it was. Another reviewer talks about how it feels like a pack of gum. Well, he's right. But that's actually a good thing. It's VERY light-weight but also has a great battery life, seems really durable, and looks slick in its all black paint. If you're working out with it in your pocket you may actually forget it's there. If it accidentally falls out of your pocket it wont even rip the headphones out of your ear because it's too light. So I think the weight is a good thing

The included software makes it easy to put media on the device and it only takes about an hour or so to fully charge the battery. Both pluses there. At first I was disappointed that the battery life wasn't lasting as long as it said it would, which was around 20 hours or so. I realized the screen would be dim, but still on when the music was playing and couldn't figure out how to turn it off to save battery power. Turns out the only way (that I can figure out) is to lock the unit while it's on and that makes the screen black out but you can't even change the volume while it's locked

Onscreen controls are real easy to figure out from the get-go and pretty self-explanatory. It also took me a while to figure out how to get to the list of songs that were actually playing, instead of just the song that was playing. To do that, you need to keep hitting the "enter" button when a song is playing. First time hitting the "enter" button lets you rank the song, second time shows the album cover, third time shows all the songs in the list you are currently playing so you can pick another song without trying to find it on a random shuffle

As far as the videos and pics are concerned, this little screen looks a whole lot better than I thought it would. Yeah, it's small but to have all the other capabilities this device has, it's more than enough. Oh, and with the video, it also doesn't play your DIVX movies or digital camera movies right out of the box. However, this handy little thing comes with FREE SOFTWARE that will convert it for you. Any file, any size, converts for free. Oh what a relief it is!

Sound quality is phenomenal and it comes with some preset equalizer settings which I also enjoy since I do have a large variety of music playing on the player. Oh, and the Archos DID NOT have any preset equalizer settings. I don't listen to the radio or use it for voice messages so I can't give any feedback for those yet

It doesn't go without its faults though. There are only a few gripes I have about it. The main one is the need to put it in "lock" mode to save the battery power since you have no access to anything while it's in that mode. Another gripe is the power cord that comes with it. For starters, the cord is about 4 inches long and the device can only be charged through a USB port. So to charge it out of a wall you'd need to buy some kind of converter. Charging is quick though, but that cord is so tiny. Also, while the device is charging I can't figure out how to still be playing music. That's about all the negatives I have about it. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this unit to anyone. I paid $250 for it and it's worth every penny. Overall, I'd give it a 9.7 out of 10. Hope this helps some of you

the quality of the sound and durability of the product is good. with that
said I`d like to tell you that if you're planning on buying an MP3 player
and if you're torn between an iPod and the Creative Zen I say buy the Zen with
"your eyes closed" and here`s why

Size: the Zen is 8cm x 5 cm = 40 sq centimeters
while the Ipod is 3.8 cm x 9 cm = 34.2 sq cm, so the difference is barely noticeable
the difference is in the width Zen being twice as wide as ipod nano. This however
is not relevant due to the fact that both fit comfortably in small pockets. Advantage: even

Software: The Ipod uses Itunes, everybody knows that. the thing is, without Itunes you cant
do anything on your iPod so you HAVE TO use apple`s software. this means, that you will have to
update your Itunes software every two weeks (I find nothing more annoying than this and it comes
attached with safari and QuickTime. Zen comes with creative software which is easy to use and they dont keep
bugging you with download after download but the best thing is that YOU DONT HAVE TO USE IT!! If you
know how to transfer files to a usb drive then you can use Zen. Advantage: By far Zen!
Battery life: not much to go into here. Advantage: even

Features: iPod plays videos and music files, has photo viewerZen plays: Videos, music files, has RADIO (it is beyond me why apple is so stubborn not to include a simple fm tuner on their gadgets and has voice recorder. I think these are useful things on an MP3 playercalendar and phone book are ok but the chronograph app in the nano! the screen goes dark after a few seconds and its clumsy, no memory log for times, nothing..so why put that in there? oh and another thing, with iPod you have to use THEIR cable, so me, using it on the car and to sync with my music library on the PC I needed two cables that I had to buy and the original apple cables are EXPENSIVE! with the Zen you use same cable you`d use for a camera or my BB Boldin other words, you could plug your Zen anywhere because everyone has either a digital camera or a Blackberry. I also plugged it on my Head unit in the car and it played like a charmUsually for iPod to work the head unit needs to be loaded with software to communicate with iPodnot the case for the Zen which reads like a normal USB drive. for all these reasonsadvantage: by Far Zen!!
Expandability: all iPods: NONE. Zen: use the media card capacity of your choice and as many as you want and you could - in theory - have infinite storage capacity. I`m not saying it would be practical but think about thisI bought a 2 GB Zen which cost me 40 bucksadd a 16 GB media card which costs about 35 bucks (or lessI now have 18 GB of storage for about 75 bucks. An Ipod nano has 16 GB and for 160 bucksoh my I could buy 2 2 GB Zens and 2 16 GB media cards and still have 10 dollars to spare with twice the capacity. why anyone would prefer an Ipod other than to waste money is beyond me. Advantage: By far Zen!
oh ad one more thing, the iPod `s finish is and always has been, very prone to scratches, so this means if you wanna keep your iPod looking decent you NEED to buy a `skin` which depending on your choice could make the iPod much more expensive. Zens `body`is plastic which is way more resistant to scratches than iPod

No matter how you slice it, the iPod does not compare to Zen and with the money I spent buying my two previous iPods I could have bought a Zen for me,one for my GF, one for myand one for my sister with respective 32 GB media cards and still have 20 us$ left. Not to mention being much more appreciated by the ladies in my life!
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