Looking for a list of the top 10 microblogging sites? I have compiled a list of the best microblogging site examples which you can use for networking and SEO

Microblogging refers to creating smaller posts and updating them on a regular basis. It is similar to blogging with the difference that microblogging has an increased frequency of posts with a lesser number of characters

Here are the names of the top 10 microblogging sites:


**1** **Twitter**
Twitter is the most famous microblogging site. It allows you to send small posts known as tweets up to 140 characters in length. Apart from normal users, it is also used by celebrities and politicians. We can share photos, videos, and text on Twitter with our followers, along with trendy hashtags. You can also exchange messages on this microblogging platform

DA: 94

Age: 19 years

Traffic: 5.6B

Price: Free

**2** **Tumblr**
Tumblr is one of the best microblogging sites where you can easily share photos, videos, images, text, and links

DA: 87

Age: 13 years

Traffic: 327M

Price: Free

**3** **Plurk**
Plurk is another popular social bookmarking and microblogging site. You can share links, images, videos, etc. with your followers on Plurk. The site is free to use

DA: 89

Age: 13 years

Traffic: 11M

Price: Free

**4** **Twister **
Twister is a P2P microblogging platform. You have to download Twister using the official website and start using their services. By using this microblogging site, you get features like free speech, no spying, and there is also no IP recording

DA: 46

Age: 6 years

Traffic: 1B

Price: N/A

**5** **Soup.io**
This site is the best in terms of SEO because of its high Domain Authority (DA). Soup.io has a large library of information where people share lots of informative content. With Soup.io, you can also create your own Web 2.0 site and add content on it as per your requirement

DA: 85

Age: 13 years

Traffic: 700k

Price: Free

**6** **Gab**
Gab is another excellent microblogging site where you can promote your product or services with the world. This Microblogging site is very good for Brand Promotion. Here, you will get free speech, excellent information, and a lot more

DA: 75

Age: 21 years

Traffic: 4M

Price: Free

**7** **Reddit**

Reddit is a social bookmarking and microblogging Site on which your post is shown under a specific category. Reddit is like a forum of tons of categories like news, blogging, SEO, etc. In this site, only registered users can submit their content (Link, Text, Images). The audience can also upvote, comment, or share your post

DA: 91

Age: 18 years

Traffic: 1.5B

Price: Free

**8** **Micro.blog**
Micro.blog is a microblogging site to share images, videos, and text posts. The site is easy to use and excellent site in terms of functionality. You will get features like custom themes, customizations, categories, podcasts, videos, images, and more

DA: 46

Age: 4 years

Traffic: N/A

Price: Free

**9** **VK**
VK deserves a place in the top 10 microblogging sites list. It is a Russian Social Networking and Microblogging site and is available in many languages. It is very popular among the Russian audience. When you use this site, then you will definitely get the feel of Facebook. Try it!

DA: 96

Age: 20 years

Traffic: 2B

Price: Free

**10** **Plerb**
Plerb a social community and one of the best Microblogging sites. Similar to Twitter, it allows you to add around 150 characters of text in your posts

DA: 47

Age: 12 years

Traffic: 44k

Price: Free

**Final Words**
The top 10 microblogging sites are useful to share your content and connect with other people. Twitter is by far the most popular microblogging site. Others are there in the race but lag way behind Twitter in terms of usage and popularity