Company specializing in the medical field
We develop software for offices, clinics and laboratories
Medical Associations and Fee Collection Companies
Complete system for offices and clinics with modules for patient registration, medical records, appointment scheduling, private billing and health insurance and others

**Local solution for those who don't want** **depending on the Internet**
Multi-company system for invoicing agreements using the TISS standard for generating XML files, closing invoices, controlling disallowances, management reports and others

**Ideal for those who provide billing services** **for clinics and offices**
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Our office is located in the city of São Paulo. For customers in this region and nearby cities, we offer face-to-face support when needed

Our service is carried out on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00, but we always maintain an on-call regime for night hours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

When our customers ask us for customization, we analyze it and if it brings benefits to other customers, we do it at no cost

We follow the market to anticipate any and all changes that occur in the medical field. Our customers always come out ahead in TISS version updates and other improvements

We use a remote support service that allows us to respond promptly to our customers as soon as they call us, solving 100% of the problems without leaving your clinic at a standstill

Our support professionals are qualified and constantly trained to answer all requests, questions or needs that our customers may need

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