Upper Level Reading Latin in Rome, Spring Break, two sessions, March 20 or April 1

Creative Writing Workshop in Florence, July 2-12

Upper Level Reading Latin in Florence, July 2-12

Ancient Greek in Thessaloniki and Mt. Olympus, beginning thru Advanced, July 12-26

Learning to Read Latin in Rome and Bay of Naples, July 27-August 8

Upper Level Reading Latin or Greek in Tuscany, Aeneid 6 + Odyssey 11, July 27-August 3

Online Intro to Latin, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Online Intro to Ancient Greek, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Online Latin AP Prep: Reading Caesar and Vergil

Online Upper Level Reading Latin: Roman Voices

Online Upper Level Reading Greek or Latin: Journeys to the Underworld: Aeneid6 + Odyssey 11 Calder Classics travel courses are back on for 2023, in addition to continued online offerings. Now in our 13th year, our students attend from over 125 high schools in North and South America, Europe, and Asia go on to attend top colleges and universities. All programs are taught by highly experienced professional teachers using an interdisciplinary approach weaving ancient history, philosophy, art, and myth with the study of classical languages and creative writing. Class sizes are small, offering individual attention and the opportunity to interact with and befriend other top Classics students. Some online courses are scheduled for students in Asian time zones. See our course offerings, student testimonials, and college placement information at www.calderclassics.com . References available upon request

Latin (Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate)

Ancient Greek (Beginners, Intermediate, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced)

Biblical Hebrew (Beginners)

Old Slavonic (Beginners, Intermediate)

The Dan Slușanschi School for Classical & Oriental Languages is pleased to offer a new intensive session of summer courses from May to August 2022. Courses are being offered for the following languages: Latin, Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Old Slavonic

Each course consists of 40 hours of online videoconferencing instructional time over 10 sessions in a two-week period. Courses are conducted in English unless otherwise mentioned, with the exception of Latin which is taught through Latin

For registration for any of the courses, please send a cover letter and a CV to [email protected]. The fee for each of the language courses is 190 Euros (+ bank transfer fees)

CLA 101 Classical Mythology

CA 110 Greek and Latin Roots of English

Greek Civilization

Roman Civilization

Introduction to Classical, Near Eastern, and Egyptian Archaeology

LAT 107: Intensive Elementary Latin

LAT 320.04 The Domus in Latin Literature

LAT 710.04 The Domus in Latin Literature

Hunter College offers a range of courses each summer for students in Classics. Our Intensive Latin offers one year of Latin over the summer. We also have an advanced Latin and MA Latin. These language courses will have an option for online participation

We also offer a range of courses in translation pertaining to Classical Studies

Interested students will need to apply to Hunter as a Visiting Student student. Information can be found here: httpshunter.cuny.edu/summer /

Polis, The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities Latin

Ancient Greek

Biblical Hebrew

Modern Hebrew

Spoken Arabic

Advance an entire level in three weeks. 80-100 academic hours. The Polis Institute is offering summer intensive language courses in three locations: Jerusalem, Rome, and Virginia

At Polis we bring ancient languages to life. Our methodology is based on an immersive approach with students roleplaying everyday scenarios. Initial engagement focuses on following commands, listening, and observing - much like a child learns a first language. As the student progresses to learning the grammatical structures, they already have an intuitive understanding and their comprehension is greatly enhanced

Beginning Latin I

Beginning Latin II

Intermediate Latin

Latin Texts in History: Textual Transmission, Textual Criticism and Editing

Ovid's Medieval Metamorphoses

Beginning Greek I

Beginning Greek II

Patristic and Byzantine Greek

Introduction to Old Armenian

Introduction to Coptic

Notresummer language courses are for motivated undergraduates and graduate students. Our courses give students the opportunity to study the ancient languages necessary to understanding Greek and Roman, Judaic, Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine civilizations. Students may study a language while taking additional courses in history or theology

Our campus is comfortable and serene during the summer. On-campus housing and food service are convenient, readily available, and comparatively inexpensive. In addition, NotreLibrary has special strengths in Biblical Studies, Early Christian Literature, Medieval Studies, and Byzantine Studies

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