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*Last updated August 14, 1998*
 August 16, 1998 Take a
moment to remember Elvis on this
day, the
anniversary of his death

 **Celebrating 4 years on-line
and being rated the #1
Elvis site on the Web in the January, 1997, edition of *Yahoo! Internet
World* magazine and one of the top 25 show business sites
on the Web in the April, 1997, edition
 **NEWSFLASH--July, 1998: There
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Direct questions about Graceland to: [email protected]
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**Correction Contrary to recent reports in various media,
there was NO
court case between Elvis Presley Enterprises and myself. There was NO
"settlement" between Elvis Presley Enterprises and myself. Over a year
ago, I
signed the statement they asked me to sign in this letter. This letter was the only commmunication
between myself and Elvis Presley Enterprises

The Elvis Home Page, as it once was, is unavailable due to legal
problems. The representatives of Elvis Presley Enterprises let it be
known that the distribution of images and sounds copyrighted by Elvis
Presley Enterprises is illegal. The full text of this letter
(interesting!) can be found here

Interesting reading on copyright issues can be found here, and I found another good example of
copyright infringement
Point Communications
Corp. rated my site in the Top 5% of the Web!

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