Interested in adding hanging lights for hall, but don’t know where to start, then here we are to help you

Living room is also called as the heart of house. It is the room where you experience different moments. Many people don’t consider lighting up your living room as an important aspect of home decor. As most of the activities happen in living room, so it’s important aspect that you have decorative lighting arrangements which creates perfect ambiance to your living room. You can go for decorative lighting to highlight each activity, from bright
**hanging lights for hall** to cozy living room lamps

Living rooms should have decorative and bright lights which creates a welcoming atmosphere, as lot of living happens there. Hanging lights have become the part of your interior decor and illuminate your living room. The prefect lighting in living room can transforms the atmosphere into different mood. These Hanging lights for hall are perfect for the atmosphere you require. These hanging lights are nothing but a fixtures best suited for the task lighting

**Decorative hanging lights** are both stylish and functional and can be placed anywhere in the house

**Types of hanging lights for hall**
**Pendants lights**
These lights are the indoor lighting that includes conventional and modern lighting fixtures, which are usually hung from the ceiling by metal, chain, cord or rod. These fixtures are useful and versatile as they are attractive. Lighting up your hall or any other living space by these pendants lights will illuminate the entire appearance of your home decor. The modern pendants lights have become an integral part of interior decor. From the lantern pendants to the modern interlocking rings, there are countless designs to satisfy your decorative preferences and lighting demands. Today pendants lights come in different types that can complement your sense if style in a flash. However, to decide on the purpose of these lights, it is important to understand their types. Let us explore the different types of the Pendants lights
**Types of the Pendants lights **
Pendants lights are available in market in varieties of options. Modern pendant lights come in different size, shape, style, color and designs including the following popular types:
**Linear pendants** – these lights are long rectangular structure with multiple bulbs. These lights usually look good in walk way areas which are either surrounded by the material or they are exposed

**Mini Pendant lights** – there lights are the smaller version of the larger pendants light. These lights are used for task lighting in room. These lights are mini due to its pendant fixture size.Dome Pendantsthese dome pendants lights are generally a downward facing lights in dome shape. These lights are used for accent lighting and task lighting in the living room, work desks, bedrooms, or in the kitchen. These are the commonly seen lights adaptable to its practical design and bring the earthiness to your interior.Conical and Cylindrical Pendants** – these lights are not used as a primary lighting source in your living space as they smaller and amt limited amount of light to your room. These are perfect for the task lighting in living room.Abstract Pendants** – these are not just the lighting’s they are ornamental art pieces where are designed by innovative designers. These lights are used for decorative lighting like the chandelier lights and add a contemporary look to your home decor. These lights are usually used in hallways and foyers.Exposed Bulb Pendants** – these lights are made for you if you are looking for rustic and minimalist look for your home interiors. These lights are hung in string with large or small bulbs, which are suitable for both task lighting and ambient lighting

**Chandelier lights **
These fixtures are the ornamental pendants used for home decor. Chandelier lights are used for ambient lighting; they are even used as a primary source of lighting for the room. This light fixture is arranged in the cluster form and has layer of fixtures. The size of the chandelier and its attractive look, make these an extraordinary centerpiece in the room. You can choose any height fixture which is best for your lighting needs. They are majorly placed in the high ceiling hall and entrances; they are usually placed where more people would notice these beautiful chandelier lights

**Track lighting**
These modern track lights are easy to install and very flexible allowing lights to be directed to the location. These lights are used as versatile alternative to traditional light fixtures to your home space. These lights are used as task lighting for your bookshelves space or to action figure collection in your living spaces. You can also combine narrow spotlights with decorative pendants to light your decorative arts in the hallways. These light are not used as primary source lighting’s

**Ceiling lighting**
Ceiling lighting’s are great ways to show off your style. These ceiling light fixtures and lamps are incredible and can be used as a primary source of lighting in the room. They are latest and most popular lighting for your living room. They are available in wide range of shapes, sizes, material and luminosity. These hanging lights are the perfect solution for modern home lighting. These lights can be places in areas like your living room, kitchen and dining room.