= [US-NC] [H] Floppies, 2 Sin City TPBs, 90s ToyBiz figures, & 2005 UK Marvel Top Trumps Card Pack [W] Gooseneck lamps/fans, etc. & Trade offers =

This might be a long shot, but it's worth a shot

I recently bought a Marvel Legends Doc Ock, but he has no legs. So, I'm undertaking a custom project to give him his legs! Help me give Doc Ock his legs back!
In doing so, I need to collect at least 4 gooseneck cables, such as the silver one seen on this lamp, though I'd probably take more

They can be loose, attached to lamps/fans, whatever you've got! Surprisingly, tracking these things down for a somewhat reasonable price has been the most difficult part of this custom process

Alternatively, if anybody has the Series 8 Toybiz Marvel Legends Doc Ock legs, I'd take those too

For trade, I have many reader-copy floppies (mainly X-Men related books though I do have plenty others), 2 Sin City TPBs, and several 90s ToyBiz figures if anybody is interested

Will be sharing pictures as I can

Thanks and happy hunting!
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