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plucked from ceiling of cave approx 8/10th of mile in and down near lampe mo known as "bottle lady cave" to us locals,found in 1993 after being underwater holding r breath for 4' to next cavern,1000s of fossils whuch looked like sea floor on ceiling

r/OneOrangeBraincell - Posted before I found this sub_r...Sat down to have my coffee this morning while it was still pitch black. Turned on the lamp and this turd scared the B-jesus out of me. Spilled my coffee almost had a heart attack and he didn't even flinch whilst watching on with pride...little [email protected]

r/trucksim - Can some US resident explain me when you can turn right in a crossroad with red traffic lamp on? Maybe if it's not a 4-way? Maybe if there's no front facing section? As EU I'm confused.