= Kitchen and dining room under skylights and glass pendant lights in a refurbished Victorian terrace house, Kensal Green, north-west London, UK [3034×4000] =

FINALLY. An old house that is renovated with care. I’m soand tired of the trend of buying an old terraced house and then renovating it to death. Sleek this, sleek that: removing all the trims, placingdoors, replacing the old windows with squares or rectangles,ultra-modern kitchens, weird‘floating’ staircases and the list goes on

Modern isn’t bad, it just looks God awful in many renovations. They renovate it in a way that all love is gone

I love this reno, I truly do

May I chime in and add that while beautiful and far nicer than my kitchen/dining room, the slightly askew rug is driving me! r/mildlyinfuriating
Edit: Forgot the whole purpose of this reply was to agree with the cramped/huge table and chairs. Actually utilizing those in full would be a cramped nightmare
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