- $118
15- $4,631 65 879.00 - $5,449.00~~
- $834
00- $889 00
- $344
00- $532 00
- $1,946
- $3,695
53- $6,275 81
- $278
95- $159 95
00- $1,069 50 900.00 - $2,139.00~~
- $1,390
00- $1,069 50 1,194.00 - $2,139.00~~
- $310
15 6,499.00~~
00- $1,232 50 1,060.00 - $1,450.00~~
- $142
00- $186 00
- $398
99 229.99~~
= Glass Pendant Lighting =
== Why We Love Glass Pendant Lights ==
Copious amounts of color and contemporary style come together in this assortment of art glass pendant lighting. Defined by age-old methods of glass-blowing techniques, these pendants encompass the immense attention to detail and abundance of style we desire in ceiling lighting. Whether for the kitchen, the entryway or suspended over the dining table, a glass-blown pendant light is guaranteed to impress now and for years to come. Sift through these eye-catching modern designs to find the best in glass for your home

== Where Modern Glass Pendant Lighting Works Best ==
Any place you choose to put your decorative lighting on display is the ideal home for an art glass pendant lamp. With artistic features and a graceful elegance from intricate glasswork, this type of pendant lighting is meant to be shown off. In the kitchen, choose vibrant art glass colors to hang over the island or look to a set of mini-pendants to provide focused task light. Living rooms boasting with color will happily welcome a popping art glass design and consider a larger option to hang over the formal dining table. You'll appreciate the elegance of an art glass fixture in the dining room, but your dinner guests will really love it. Finally, create a lasting impression by putting an art glass light fixture on display in the entryway or foyer

== Glass Pendant Light Ideas for Every Shape & Style ==
Intricate glass patterns surrounding a light source require meticulous attention to detail, as well as an established sense of creativity. As such, you will want to choose designs that exemplify these characteristics. The New York-based lighting studio, Niche Modern, perfects glassblowing techniques in a number of pendants. With popping color and careful precision, you'll love designs from Niche. Bocci Lighting offers unique options in clusters of decorative multi-light pendants and is sure to check out Artemide for something with an Italian touch. Finally, for a design that exudes stylish personality, check out the collection of pendants by Tom Dixon. Tom Dixon's lighting combines delicate glasswork with a noticeably industrial edge

== How to Choose the Best Modern Glass Pendant Lighting ==
Begin your search for the best modern glass pendant light fixtures by measuring the space where you plan to install new lighting. Glass shade pendants are offered in a large variety of sizes and shapes, allowing for many options to suit your exact application. With a measuring tape in hand, jot down the dimensions of the room where you will be installing the pendant. Consider the height, width, diameter and hanging length of the light fixture you'll be choosing. If a glass pendant is headed for your kitchen or dining room, determine how high it will need to suspend over the table. Some suspensions hang far from the ceiling while others mount closer to the base of the ceiling. With a size in mind, the next step is to find the glass colors you prefer. You may want glass shades to fit a room's existing color palette. Or, make a personality statement with highly colorful shades of glass

== Other Considerations ==
Extend the colorful personality of these perfect pendants to other types of lighting. You can find gorgeous glass wall lights, portable lamps and outdoor lighting fixtures that will go a long way in complementing your existing decor. Take a look at the options for mid-century modern pendant lighting for another trendy style you won't mind using in the entryway, foyer, kitchen