= Best dedicated server or cloud hosting for New York? =

I am consuming a market data stream from a stock exchange (Nasdaq) and want later on consume similar streams from the other New York exchanges

What I am looking for is a server or hosting offering for the infrastructure used to analyze, display and maintain the data. I would like to place the server infrastructure near to New York. I usually favor dedicated server over virtual server or automatic scaling cloud offerings (unless it is a big player)

Having a look at the offerings a Google Search brings up often present unreasonable cost structures that are multitudes of what we pay in Europe for similar specs

Does anyone has a good hosting alternative in or near New York?
www.speedytradingservers.com www.ninjamobiletrader.com www.chartvps.com will get you one ms from the Nasdaq data centre. They offer servers as well as vps

I’m sure this is something that probably sounds good in your mind but other than just putting it in an AWS East Coast or New York based AWS until you get into terabytes per hour of transfer speed it’s not gonna make a difference

If you do wanna make a difference invest the few million dollars per mile and get your own dark line until then you’re way over engineering something, premature optimization is the most common death of most innovation

I am not into HFT. For me it is about getting near to the exchange's systems and consume the data, pipe it to a stronger machine backed by two data sinks somewhere near to NY. It is just for consuming data, storing it and keep the data worth of 3 to 14 days in highest detail in memory and allow certain data processing and provide different level of data for client side visualization

That's basically what I need. Problem is that its about 1B evens per trading day that have to be stored and processed. The ingress is the bottle neck at the moment but only because of bandwidth (single TCP connection will be slowed down by smaller packages due to compensating for packet loss) but once I move the consumer I can also move the processing and storage from Europe to US as well

Yeah but it's the same with AWS. Rocket science if you are not used to it. Would cost me like 3 days to learn what is what and how to set it up. My daily rate would basically pay for 100 months worth of dedicated servers. Makes no sense. I have AWS and Azure at work but I do not even want to fiddle with AWS let alone Azure when it comes to my stuff

I like to use stuff that I set up the same way I set up my local development platform. Served me well in the past

I really like their offerings. The NY Metro 32GB Xenon offering looks okay. It is definitively something I currently take a look at for the data feed consumer

The 128GB offerings are also nice

It is definitively on the list. Have many thanks for the recommendation

Their bare metal servers are a bit expensive but okay when their connection is really the 10Gbps that they claim it is. Usually the effective connectivity is shared but if it is way above 1Gbps, it is worth the money. My current demand does not require high theoretical bandwidth

But you are right. Storage wise the offerings appear to be quite good

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