= Keffals Calls On CloudFlare To Stop Hosting KiwiFarms Website Following Her Doxxing & Swatting. =

Honestly If we were doing an alignment chart i would move 4chan as a whole/concept (not /pol/ ) to chaotic Neutral because the only goal is to shitpost and say nonsense which is fine for pretty much every subject besides politics

Kiwi farms however would the square below representing chaotic. Because the main purpose is literally to harras and target people in mostways possible

I’m not defending the value of 4chan here i just think KF is soandthat it MAKES 4chan look like it’s chaotic neutral. In that same vein…I would put reddit at Neutral

This is the time to use whatever power you have. The more pressure we put on them the higher the likelihood that they’ll actually do it. Keffals is just 1 person who’s been a victim of this website but there are many more. Now is the time to use the power of the ratio for good. KiwiFarms needs to bedown

Sent the following on their abuse form:
Cloudflare is hosting kiwifarms.net, a dangerous homophobic and transphobic online forum that has harassed, stalked, doxxed, and swatted members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is shameful andto continue to allow such a hateful, vile, dangerous, and deadly web site to be hosted by your service. It has led to the suicides of three people, and theanguish of thousands of others. Please do the right thing and drop kiwifarms.net

I urge everyone to head on over to httpsabuse.cloudflare.com/ and submit