= How difficult is it to host a static hugo site on a dedicated server or cloud? =

With no knowledge of how a server works, what a firewall is, etc

edit: if there are any books or resources, I would love to know about them
What do I need to learn so that this becomes a piece of cake? I've got plenty of time. There's a menu with OS images (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Rocky Linux) and Apps (Big Blue Button, Docker CE, Gitlab CE, Jitsi Meet, LAMP Stack, Nextcloud, Wordpress) I don't know if this is even relevant (or what this is). Would any of these options make things easier?
Netlify has lots of website generators. Static hosting is their specialty. You don't have to learn programming, hosting, security. Click some buttons to setup, then follow procedures to post content. My wife uses jekyll there, she's not a technical person

You can host on your own server too, like at Digital Ocean for a few bucks, more hassle and tech stuff to figure out, but learning is fun. They have a tutorial, google "Digital ocean hugo tutorial" to see if that looks doable for you

If you want the same experience as GitHub + Netlify / Vercel (you push to the repository and the site is immediately published), you can use Gitea + DroneCI + HTTPd server (with docker)

If configured correctly, it will work like this - you push to the repository on Gitea, DroneCI builds the site and copies the static files to the httpd folder
As an alternative, could you go with Netlify or Vercel? Or any number of other serverless providers

Hosting Hugo on Netlify (help article)
You don't need a dedicated server or cloud server

Webhosting will handle the server, so you only have to worry about the website content

You mentioned OVH. This is all you need. The 2€/month is cheap considering the amount of time to setup and maintain a entire server environment

You don't need to manage a server to host a static site. You can use s3 or comparable services or even GitHub pages, though you do need to tease out of the static site generator you're using the relevant files and make sure they're in the correct directories in your repository or upload package

I would have to run Hugo before I can suggest what output from it you would need to put into a repo, but GitHub has documentation at httpspages.github.com/. Everything about Jekyll can be ignored as your using Hugo instead and will work just fine

I should have specified it's got to be hosted on something like Scaleaway or OVH, I can't afford to pay lawyers to figure out what to do with notifying users about data transfer out of the EU and creating SCCs or whatever otherdemands the GDPR has. Maybe there's a simple solution when hosting outside of the EU but it's still a grey area last I heard and leaves unnecessary risk
Question: What exactly is Hugo, and why do I need it? I wrote in html, css, and JS. My site is built around these languages. Is Hugo a new language? Is it another type of MD? I checked out their site and the examples.. I'm missing something though. It's not clicking as to what Hugo is. Thanks

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