= Cloud hosting a dedicated server =

Great success - I was able to get a dedicated server running on a Linux VM on Google Cloud, and a friend was able to join with extremely low latency!
Two questions though:
What do you all think we need in terms of server memory? I initially tried to create a game on a standard 4gb machine, but needed to upgrade to 8gb. With two people in the game, with no factories produced, it was using a steady 5.2gb. Is that far off what you might be seeing?
If I do need an 8gb machine, projected costs are ~$50 on GC. That seems steep. Does anyone recommend a different cloud hosting service?
Really excited to finally set up these dedicated servers! Thanks again to the devs for the awesome updates

8 GB Ram is the sweet spot as long as you dont have any mega bases, for reference KibitzYT's 700 hour U3 save requires around 10 GB

CPU Is not a priority to run Satisfactory Dedicated Servers unless you have lots of vehicles doing paths 24/7 even then its relatively low. On the same KibitzYT save I was at 11% CPU usage for a Ryzen 5600X and there was around 40 tractors doing paths as well as trains

Here are some VPS alternatives, I don't know what package you got from GC but VPS are very easy to set up if you use LinuxGSM as detailed in the wiki page

6 GB Ram | 2 vCores | 80 GB Storage $15/mo (First 6 months for $8/mo)
12 GB Ram | 4 vCores | 120 GB Storage $25/mo (First 6 months for $12/mo)
8 GB Ram | 4 vCores | 160 GB Storage $23/mo
16 GB Ram | 8 vCores | 160 GB Storage $45/mo
EDIT: I removed kamatera cause I was looking at the non dedicated CPU prices, my bad, they don't have options that would be much better than the GC package you got. These prices listed are also without discounts, and all monthly, you can get a lot cheaper even if youto just 1 year

Also use this website its am amazing tool httpswww.vpsbenchmarks.com/compare
This is awesome information, thank you so much for taking the time to respond

I'm going to take some time and look at those other options. I'm not a dev so I purchased that AMP for like $9 that builds what you need on the server, and then you maintain via a GUI they created. I'll see if I can get that program to work on Ionos

Thanks again!
Been a customer of IONOS for about 17 years, back when 1&1 was a basic website hosting site with some SQL database plans. Setup a VPS finally about 3 months ago. Been quite rock solid the entire length of my subscription

What is your setup? Compute engine e2-standard with static ip?
I was thinking of possibly setting one up in gcp as well..

It's an e2-standard-2, 2 vCPU, 8 GB memory. No static IP yet, but that's probably my next step. /u/Silarious posted some alternatives to gcp so I'm gonna look at those too

I use a dell r720 sitting in my. Decommissioned enterprise servers are priced very reasonable

A t3a.large on AWS (8gb ram) is similarly priced at $55, which also seemed steep to me

I just posted about how to configure it to auto-shutdown when it is idle -- and have a way to start it back up from any browser: httpswww.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/qoxsxk/dedicated_server_on_aws/

For example, if the server was actively running 2 hours per day, it would cost about $5/month

My satisfactory crew (a max of 5 ppl in total) are playing in gtxgaming servers, we rented one in there and the experience has been really great (leaving the dedicated server experimental issues aside ofc), so far no data loss and a really low latency

Initially we rented the cheapest one with 5gb of ram, and by the time we reached the last space elevator step our ram maxed out and went around 6 to 7 gb on average, so we ended up paying 2 extra dollars for those 8 gigs of ram for a total of like 14USD per month, not terrible not great I think, I'm pretty sure you can even optimize these prices but we just wanted to quickly hop and test the new features :)
You can go with Cloudways. They have top 5 cloud providers i.e. DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. They also have a 3-day free trial option

I know this is an old-ish post, but I have been running set of VMs for dedicated servers on GC. What I do is have a very small, free tier VM running a Discord bot that allows my friends to start up anddown servers for whatever games they want to play on demand. (Each game has its own channel based on who plays what and the bot listens to them for "!server " commands.)
I like using GC so this was a nice way to keep costs down. I also have the instances