= Any ideas how to block mice from entering through this gap under my kitchen counter? There is also another gap to the same area inside one of the cupboards. They are getting smart enough to evade the snap traps. =

You'll never seal them out. You need tothem:
Block all the gaps with steelfrom a hardware store

When I moved into my current place we had an awful mouse problem, and a neighbour told us that steelis one of the few things that mice can't chew through as they'll cut themselves. We blocked up every single gap with steeland haven't seen a mouse in months

What we did was filled thewith steeland then sealed thewith great stuff, its the foaming sealing stuff in a can. There are different kinds of it too so make sure to read the label. We got one for rodents, it's been awhile but I guess if they try tothe foam it doesn't taste good so they don't come back
Try Detour rodent gel repellent. Surround food with it and the mice will walk thru. They willout and leave. Spread it in areas you don’t want them and they won’t be back. I use it all the time. A homeowner today told be his neighbor complimented whoever got rid of the rats in their backyards. I did in a month what no other pest control company could do it 14 years. It works, man

Here you go, I’m a former specials technician and my forte was rodent work. These door sweeps work very well

Then start using rodenticide (first strike or resolve) put on gloves find the infiltration point and throw about 20 little packets in the void. Rodents always use under cabinetry floor boards. Another method is stick your hand under the floor board, usually there’s an opening…you can stick bait in there. Trust me it works! Especially for apartments
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