= Is it just me? Re: ambient lighting =

My fiancé is the type of guy that is very practical about the purpose of lighting in the house. I don’t like every light turned on in a room because of the perhaps the hue, the spectrum, and the strength it gives off. Especially if it doesn’t align to my mood or is just not enjoyable. I’m selective depending on the ambiance I want in that room at a given time

For clarity, we use Philips hues lightbulbs almost everywhere except the kitchen island lights (they are dark yellow) and some under cupboard kitchen lighting (a clinically depressing

My fiancé turns them both on during dinner cause he says “I don’t want toin the dark, that’s what light are for - you’re so weird”. He’s also exaggerating …but we don’t see eye to eye on this. We just have two different sensitivities

So…anyone else like me? Aka lamps/pendant lighting has to be just right to be enjoyed
I lounge andat 550 lux. Trick is to choose a temperature that works for you - for me, 550 lux (at sitting height), 3000k, is perfect. Dimmable for late evenings. Dark or 'ambient' rooms make me tired, that's only ok for the media room or bedrooms

Try a dimmable, warm but bright light for living areas. You might both enjoy it

Alternatively, you could install a narrow beam spot light that hits his/her spot at the table 'just right'! /s