= This is The Orville quilt I made that is hanging in my kitchen. It glows under blue lights. I promise not to post anymore quilts until I get the next one made and handquilted. =

"Engage quilting drive!"
"Boom, stitch! That's what I'm talkin' about"
 I'll see myself out

Stop being so amazing, you’re making the rest of us look bad!!
(Don’t actually stop being amazing.)
Needs more zippers, though. Ooooo! Make your next one have pictures of zippers on it!! lol
Also, are you making these for any particular reason other than personal enjoyment? Like, do you have a quilting business or lots of friends who love the Orville and asked for quilts or something? Cause you definitely are gonna have the latter now
I quilt as a hobby. Most of the quilts I have made were gifted as baby shower gifts, weddings, and graduations. Sometimes I gifted, just to gift

I didn’t realize The Orville quilts were such a thing but I’m here for it!
For a moment, I was a little concerned "It glows under blue lights" was a little TMI

Yesterday, I started another Moclan quilt. As soon as I get the top built, I will post a picture

That’s so cool! Aah! It’s so pretty! Quilting is on my list to learn and get into. Such a fun talent. 🥰
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