= I've made a list of some Until Dawn outfits in case anyone is planning a cosplay (or wants to look stylish)! =

Since these are outfits specifically designed for the game, they don't actually exist. But I tried my hardest to find lookalikes

Sorry for the mix of US and UK links

Oh, and in case you're confused, the first link describing the clothing is an image of it used in the game, and the second link with the actual name of the item is the link to the store
I made her leather jacket vegan as Sam seems like she'd be at least vegetarian (kind to animals)

Leather Jacket - Killstar Vegan Leather Jacket / Cheap Alternative
Purple Shirt - Bella Deep V-Neck Jersey T-Shirt
And faux fur, of course

Fur Hat - Faux Fur Winter Pill Box Hat
Plaid Red Skirt - Red And Black Plaid Lined Pencil Skirt
Red Scarf - Cherry Red Crochet Scarf
Running Jacket - Element Shield Full Zip Running Jacket
Light Grey Leggings - Capri Running Tights / Adidas Capri Running Tights
Rucksack - Best Hiking Backpack Travelling Rucksacks Camping Bag GENOVA
Headlamp! - Waterproof Gasket LED Headlamp
Towel! - Egyptian Cotton Towel
Grey Hoodie - Brushed Zip-Up Hoodie
Fingerless Gloves - Stripped Fingerless Mittens
Denim Shorts - Dark Denim Shorts
Fur/Leather Jacket - Fur Collar Biker Jacket
Sweater - Ribbed Merino Wool-Bend Turtleneck Sweater
Grey Jeans - Low-Rise Super Skinny Jeans
Coat - Saloman Icetown Methyl Blue Woman
Fleece - Thor Fleece Jacket Olive
Parka - Casual Parka Jacket
Flannel - Vans Box Flannel Shirt
Brown Shirt - Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
Body Warmer - Padded Body Warmer
Plaid Hoodie - Hooded Zip Up Plaid Fleece Jacket
Military Jacket - Casual Military Jacket
Seriously, there are no men's M letter jackets!
WOMEN'S Letter Jacket - Varsity Jacket

Jumper - Tango Knit Jumper
Yoga Pants - Dark Grey Fold Down Yoga Tights
Padded Coat - Puffa Jacket
Blouse - Lace Sleeve Blouse
*Thanks to /u/vote4kpak and /u/onthemightofprinces for the amendments!
Fantastic work! One thing, Josh actually does not wear a brown polo shirt, he wears a brown long sleeve Henley tee, like this one here: httpstore.americanapparel.net/baby-thermal-long-sleeve-henley_t457?c=Brown# or this one: httpwww.stellarapparel.com/store/images/fullsize/t457-AA-Baby-Thermal-LS-Buttonless-Henley.jpg
Regarding Sam's tights from later in the game, pretty sure they were this style/design, but in light grey with a dark grey stripe and waistband (and no branding)
vegetarian isn't kind to animals, it's even more sadistic and bad-for-all than being fine with meat and leather and stuff too, but good thinking and good work and love it (and yes I'm 7+ years later but jacksepticeye is currently doing a replay of it so I'm back on this stuff)
have a good one
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