= Small Garage Bedroom Help =

I have a small bedroom in a renovated garage that I have recently redecorated and put new furniture in

I am thinking about adding a headboard and some art for the walls. For the headboard I think a nice tufted light grey one will look good but am still undecided. For the art I am not sure what to look for that will complement the rest of the room. Also I am looking for a bedside lamp but still haven't decided on what style will fit best in this room, I was thinking maybe something like this or this?

Any other advice or suggestions are appreciated
Shiny chrome lamp is good - add more chrome to the room, chunky, not in cheap, thin picture frames. This headboard would work, and the bedding is exactly what you need

I like your grey tufted headboard idea. Then after that I would use a gray panel across top of window abt 1 foot down. Add ashear in between the dark blue panels. Then wall sconce lights over bed each side/or/ place light sconces on each side of the window. Art nuvo style, very pullman train-ish. Then add a mirrored drawer chest instead of the drawers next to bed. I see the mirror wardrobe. Should be ok balanced

I don't think I will be able to do the grey panel because there is only about 5cm between the top of the window and the ceiling. The ceiling slopes down towards the window end so makes things a bit awkward. I was hoping having the curtains so high to the ceiling would help make the room feel a bit higher. Thank you very much for your other suggestions and I will look into them
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