Academic Personnel in Community CollegesChapter 28B.52 RCW Collective Bargaining
 (Covering community college and technical college faculty.)
 State Civil Service LawChapter 41.06 RCW
 (Covering state civil service employees.)
 Public Employees Collective Bargaining ActChapter 41.56 RCW
 (Covering county, municipal, and other public service employees.)
 Public Employees Collective BargainingChapter 41.58 RCW
 (Statute creating PERC which provides some general authority and principles.)
 Educational Employment Relations ActChapter 41.59 RCW
 (Covering K-12 certificated employees.)
 Higher Education Faculty Labor RelationsChapter 41.76 RCW
 (Covering faculty in public four-year institutions of higher education.)
 State Collective BargainingChapter 41.80 RCW
 (Covering certain state employees.)
 Marine EmployeesPublic Employment RelationsChapter 47.64 RCW
 (Covering state ferry system employees.)
 Arbitration of Disputes (Private Employment)Chapter 49.08 RCW
 (Statute covering private sector employers and employees, where PERC is the state mediation agency for purposes of filing notice and obtaining services under Section 8(d) of the National Labor Relations Act.)
 Symphony MusiciansChapter 49.39 RCW
 (Covering symphony orchestras who gross between $300,000 and $1,000,000 annually.)
 Employment RelationsCollective Bargaining and Arbitration (Port Districts)Chapter 53.18 RCW
 (Covering port district employees.)
 General ProvisionsPublic Utility DistrictChapter 54.04 RCW
 (Covering public utility district employees.)
 WAC Model Rules of ProcedureChapter 10-08
 (Rules adopted by the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the State of Washington, to regulate adjudicative proceedings under the Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 34.05 RCW. Some of these rules are replaced by more specific PERC rules, below.)
 WAC Rules of Practice and Procedure Public Employment Relations CommissionChapter 391-08
 (General procedural rules adopted by PERC which modify or supplement the Model Rules of Procedure in Chapter 10-08 WAC.)
 WAC Public Records Requests - Chapter 391-15
(Information and procedures for requesting public records from the agency)

WAC Representation Case RulesChapter 391-25
 (Cases where a union seeks certification as exclusive bargaining representative of a group of employees, or the majority status of an incumbent exclusive bargaining representative is questioned.)
 WAC Unit Clarification Case RulesChapter 391-35

 (Cases where an employer or incumbent exclusive bargaining representative questions whether one or more employees are properly included in or excluded from an existing bargaining unit, after a change in circumstances.)
 WAC Unfair Labor Practice RulesChapter 391-45
 (Cases where employees, a union, or an employer alleges that an employer and/or union has violated the rules established by the Legislature for the collective bargaining process.)
 WAC Impasse Resolution RulesChapter 391-55
 (Cases where an employer and a union are unable to resolve their differences in negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.)
 WAC Grievance Arbitration RulesChapter 391-65
 (Cases where an employer and a union have a disagreement about the interpretation or application of an existing contract.)
 WAC Dispute Resolution Panel and Law Enforcement Arbitrator RosterChapter 391-75
(Standards for membership on the panels of arbitrators the agency maintains for alternative dispute resolution processes)