Labour law and employment is an integral part of every company, but on top of that, the complexity of HR administration has grown significantly in recent times. With the increase of expansions and global mobility, enabled by liberated markets, local legislation and the difference between country regulations gain even more importance. To tackle all compliance issues and gain proper navigation in labour-law processes, a comprehensive support is a must, mainly for companies who operate in multiple countries. We provide not only consultancy concerning employment-related matters or GDPR but also offer the design and implementation of tailored internal processes, policies, procedures, standards and documentation related to client-specific employment relationship

The latest labour law guidelines with legislation applicable for 2023 provide a broad overview of the topic and our expert know-how on labour law and employment from the
**Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia The free eBooks elaborate on basic rules such as the entitlement to work for residents and non-residents, employment contracts, probationary period, conditions for the termination of employment, social contributions and income tax, working time, annual paid leave, unpaid leave, employee benefits, temporary work characteristics and an overview of applicable legislation. **Our service portfolio covers