= Growling at HWY Speed - 2017 GMC Yukon XL Denali 4X4 =

Evening folks - quick question on wheel bearings for a GM Suburban/Yukon of the 2015-2019 vintage. Looking for tell tale signs of a wheel bearing that is headed south. I have already replaced the bearing on one side of the vehicle this year. Symptoms last time was a low growling noise on anything above 20MPH

I suspect the other front bearing to be headed out, but the symptoms are a bit different, .ie the growl starts to kicks up around 50/55MPH and is pronounced and is constant sound until you drop below 50MPH. Last month while in for an oil change I had the shop check it out, and they said no the bearing are fine but wasn't able to suggest what it might be. I still think it is the starting sound of a bearing headed south. I want to see what the word is from the community on the potential issues

Maintenance note - this vehicle is
*SERVICED* to the manufacturers heavy duty specifications as it is a livery vehicle and must be kept in top working order. Differential serviced in last two months - transmission serviced - 4X4 serviced

My bearing just went on a old sedan. It would growl, as you say, from 45-50 and then from 58-63 mph. Is it in the front or rear? Does it improve if you turn in the direction of the bearing that you think has the problem? I
Hey thanks for the note back! It seems like when I go into a corner the sound really doesn’t change. Granted I was going about 75 mph, hwy speed limit, I noted no difference in the sound. I am goi g to try it out again tomorrow and see what it does at lower 55mph speed and see which side makes theof the sound. I am hard pressed to think of anything else it could be. Definitely thinking drivers side front bearing. As you can almost feel the sound in your feet as you drive

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