= Seeking project management software advice. Looking for pretty simple software ideally screwed toward video production. =

I've just started looking into solutions for tracking projects. Ideally something cross platform. A lot of what I see is overkill for my needs. I want some basic database information abilities, scheduling, project progress, maybe invoicing, maybe a time (punch) clock. Maybe integration with outlook and/or ical. Stuff like that. Any solutions to share? Thanks for any information!
httpwww.southpawtech.com/tactic/ We used this at a "big-time" studio in california where I worked a few years ago on the 3D conversion of titanic and the avengers. They had it customized to send jobs to the render farm and it managed the folder structure for the all the projects on a massive petabyte isilon cluster. It allowed for assigning shots to specific artists and allowed artists to submit revisions for review in dailies and for the supervisors to add comments. We also used it to generate empty files for a shot with all the settings pre-defined. It was a web-based interface

I might have missed the part about this being "simple". You might have better luck if you drop the requirement for outlook and accounting integration. I gotta ask, why do you think you need a digital asset manager that plugs into outlook? This sounds like scope-creep, maybe what you really want is for the asset manager to send e-mail notifications

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