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If you're that loose with the amount (like maybe an extra 50 you don't need it

I am looking for a new light shade of a reasonable size. All the ones I have seen in the shops are massive and I could not see one on amazon I liked either

With BHSyears ago my go to place for lights and light shades was ruined.I have not recovered from this loss. Please help 
Will getting my roof reinsulated and boarded be worth it for fuel savings? It was last done about 12 years ago so I'd imagine it could do with a fresh layer. It would cost around £1600 to do. I'm also looking at sealant tape for my windows (double glazed but they're sash so have a bit of a draft) and foil behind my radiators

For all things related to energy I think there is some merit in waiting at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised to see a whole load of grants made available shortly and you may qualify

FWIW I qualified for a grant in 2010 but I wasn't claiming Working Tax Credits. I didn't claim because it was literally £1.50 a week or something daft. I claimed, got my grant and a little chap came and insulated my whole loft for nothing. Then I de-claimed

This website will help you find parts and compare prices Newegg
And for the build PC Gamer has a good guide to what to buy to build your first lowish budget pc. Plus do look on YouTube, lots of step-by-steo guides on how all the bits fit together

You might want to join r/buildapc for answers and support

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