= Best vehicle purchase = Looking to trade in a 2017 Jeep Cherokee, looking for either a pickup or a third row seating SUV. Who's got the best deals? And what dealers are to be avoided? Currently considering Toyota Highlander Toyota 4 Runner Toyota Tundra Dodge Durango Ram 1500 I've not had an issue with Northtown. But your experience is going to depend on who you're working with. I've walked away from dealers that tries to pressure and convince me too hard, and had success with other dealers who were much more accommodating, even in the same lot As for "Deals" when I was car shopping, it helped me a lot to do some research and math- a calculator will be your friend in this. I remember I would read the little fine print for deals, typically pretty high down-payments would be required over a specific amount of months. Usually each of these deals would end up with you paying basically the same amount total as if there wasn't a deal. Promotions are usually shifting some cost around to make something look like a great deal when it's just the same amount of money at the end without any promotions. You mentioned bringing your own financing so deals/advertisements may be irrelevant to you Another thing to research is to find out the "INVOICE" cost of the vehicle you want, the invoice is what the dealership pays to buy the vehicle (minus shipping etc) to sell. Of course the dealership will need to have some percentage of the profit margin, but at least you'd have an idea of how low they "can" be willing to go to sell a car If you're leasing, it's often a good idea to NOT put up as much down-payment as possible. (You'll see how all lease promotions always have$3k+ down payments required). It's because a lease is basically renting the car for it's depreciated value. If the car get totaled, your insurance would pay the rest of what you still owe on the lease. If you put up down payments, then it get totaled a week after, might as well say goodbye to the down-payment, so it's better to have higher month-to-month cost rather than put money up-front, though APR may be a factor that you'd need to balance For a lease, then the depreciation value of a car is a big factor- which is the loss of value between MSRP and end-of-lease. The bigger the gap, the more expensive a lease would be. I've personally found the best value to be buying a new-ish used car, usually 1-3 years old that was previously a lease, as the "steep cliff" in term of value depreciation has already passed There's ton of resource on car buying subreddits here. I hope this helps! I am speaking from my own experience and what I've learnt from car-shopping myself, so I am NOT a professional. If I make a wrong assumption or claim, please let me know! **EDIT: If trading-in, I have been told that it's better to not mention that you have a trade-in until AFTER negotiating a price. Dealerships can factor in the value of your trade-in to the negotiations, so it may be better to leave that out to reduce the complication of figuring out the total value that you're getting out of the whole thing, and you'd get a more honest value for your Jeep so that you can compare to other sources that would buy your jeep I spent all of last week looking for (and thankfully getting) a new vehicle. I was also looking for an SUV after trading in my 2011 Ford Focus I ended up with a 2018 Ford EcoSport from West Herr Chevy on Transit in Williamsville. I love the car and loved the customer service I got there. I worked with Steve Sinatra and he was amazing. They had a huge selection at a variety of prices, which in some ways made narrowing my choices down more difficult but also helped me realize exactly what I wanted We also went to Transittowne Kia, which was not as good of an experience. They had limited selections, we were basically forced to put a “hold” on a car I was interested in but didn’t end up getting, and they ran my credit score multiple times for ONE vehicle. IMO they were more pushy and results focused (which I get is their job) than being truly interested in what I wanted and working to find it for me Anything from Toyota or Honda will work, but if I were you I'd wait a little bit. Right now prices are gonna be through the roof thanks to short supply and high demand, where I work our inventory is basically down to nothing because everything sells as soon as we get it. It's definitely not a buyer's market right now == About Community == Buffalonians Online Top 5% Ranked by Size