= Best way to affix metal pegboard through former exterior wall with stucco? = I’m trying to add Wall Control metal peg board panels to a wall that’s not the easiest to do, but definitely the best location considering the space. The panels are designed to be loadbearing and will be used to hold gym equipment like cable attachments and stuff. The panels are 32” wide and I was able to locate 2 studs which would align with a center and lateralin the panels Ideally I anchor the panels directly to the studs, however they’re about 6” deep from the surface drywall I’ve sketched the wall and some designs but am not sure if this is sound. Any recommendations would be appreciated After doing some exploration and research I’ve come down to a few methods of installation. Any help or guidance would be appreciated Method 1: Probably the sketchiest! Buy super nice 7-8” fasteners and not add any additional lumber into wall. Secure panels to existing studs. This will definitely put too much torque on the fastener given all the air gaps and space. Maybe this idea can be tweaked to do a minimally invasive solution? Method 2: A little more sound, probably. Tie two new 2x4s on the outside of the stucco to the existing studs then mount the panels to the new lumber after covering with new drywall Method 3: Somehow add horizontal crossmembers, interior to the stucco, then tie those into existing studs. Add verticals on the other side of the stucco, tying into new horizontal crossmembers. Secure panels to verticals. This is a LOT of work and maybe almost impossible given the fact there’s a closet and not sure how I’d get the crossmembers into the wall based on space constraints with existing wall/corner on the other side I just used long screws. You could add 2x4s, but you’d be moving the weight even further from the stable lumber. You’re adding some friction holding with the wood against the stucco screwed to the studs, but, I’m not sure that it offsets the extra 1.5” of lever on the studs Get the equivalent thickness screws that came with the metal pegboard originally What the heck is going on with your wall? Why would the stucco be floating 2" away from the studs? Maybe you found some blocking at some location, and you're thinking that is the studs? Anyway, if your understanding of the wall is accurate, I would say add vertical 2x4s that go all the way to floor and mount your shelves to that It’s amystery to me too. There used to be a window, I deleted it with stringers and durock before drywallint. When I did the project I saw there was this crazy air gap and was like 🤔 Edit there’s a 1x2 or something for the drywall If you're not adding mass storage, it feels like this is overthinking/engineering? Predrill, sink to studs, and move on I’m thinking the weight will be around 200 lbs total, distributed, but could be up to 3-400 This is what I did but instead of wood I used T-slot extrusion. Built a nice rigid frame, attached it to the studs and then just slid the Wall Control panels on with T-slot fasteners Edit:Here is a picture of how I have it set up Based on your drawing the stud is only ~2 1/2 inches from the surface. Why do you think it is 6 inches? Is there plywood behind the stucco? If so, toggle bolts could be a good option Drawing was bad then, it was hard to sketch. It’s about 7” deep behind the drywall I’m trying to mount it on A proper exterior wall has stucco on lath (metal or wood) that is attached to furring strips on top of sheathing that is attached to studs. The air gap is to allow airflow so the stucco will last much longer. Finding the studs to attach your peg board is difficult due to the layers. easier to find them on the "interior side and measure for it on the exterior side Edit to add. use 5 inch timberlock to get into the stud.