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 Opportunities are available for engineers and technicians with an optics and/or electronics background. Knowledge of acousto-optics or electro-optic technology is not essential. Location: Isomet Corporation, Manassas,. USA For further information, please contact Human Resources Manager

ISOMET�s technical foundation is in the design, development and production of acousto-optic devices, RF electronics and optical sub-systems. The company began in 1956 growing and processing exotic crystal materials. We were one of the first to offer commercial AO modulators into the laser market. Our high volume production facility has a well-earned reputation for supplying on time, cost effective products of consistent and excellent quality. Customers range from basic research establishments to global OEM system manufacturers. Non-disclosure agreements restrict publication of our OEM partners. Many ultimate end-users are world renowned. In the scientific community ISOMET devices are found across a wide range of disciplines. A notable example is the pioneering research by the 2001 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle. Our engineers have broad based experience in acousto-optics, electronics, opto-mechanical design and applied laser technology. ISOMET has introduced many novel AO devices to the market and has received several patents for innovations in the field of acousto-optics

 Contemporary designs include:


 �High resolution XY deflector : 



 �Variable bandwidth tuneable filter :



 � Dual beam modulator with fast switching between +1 or -1 output beams : DBM1186 


 � AO frequency shifters with simultaneous up and down shifted outputs : 



 � Compact single package integrated AO modulator with RF driver : 



 We offer custom fabrication/polishing and anti-reflection coating (visible to near-IR) of most optical materials; we specialize in difficult-to-coat materials such as PbMoO4

Investors can see some important news here In these challenging times, Isomet is carefully monitoring the ongoing development of the COVID-19 outbreak. Our operation is currently not impacted and business is running as usual. We are keeping our continuity plans under regular review during this period, with a focus on protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees and maintaining continuity of supply to our customers. We have actively increased our stock levels to mitigate against possible disruptions over the coming weeks as much as possible. Thank you for your continued support.