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All You Need to Know About Limewashed Brick

r/landscaping - Been having health issues and finally got around to catching up on some work and pressure washing. I still need to do a bleach wash, but it still looks a thousand times better! The back patio is made from reclaimed bricks from my elementary school that burned down in 2004.

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r/Carpentry - Before and after. Three more gables to go. Lime wash on the brick isn’t 100% completed either.

r/femalelivingspace - Did a faux lime wash on my walls for some texture. Now I need something to put on them!

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r/ExteriorDesign - My 1900 Victorian Folk House. Looking to make it elegant. Wondering if anyone has any paint/exterior additions to make it amazing looking/stand out . going to paint it a white with gold/violet trim or a brighter green color. What are your thoughts on paint or adding decorative pieces? Thanks!

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