= Should I paint the exterior brickon my house along with modern black garage doors. =

Dont paint your brick. Thisand black trend willeventually and youll be glad you didnt follow. You cant unpaint brick and your brick has a very nice color that can match any design. If you want modern you can do black exterior light fixtures, landscaping, mailbox, even windows

Omg don’t ever paint the brick! It’s a breathing substance and needs to stay that way. Plus painted brick looks cheesy and tacky. Please leave it alone I for one would never buy a house with painted brick. Unless you’re talking about the fireplace indoors. I painted my fireplace black because it was so soot stained andlooking I couldn’t get it to look good. And it’s indoors so it’s fine

You could look at limewash or German Schmear. It will soak into the brick rather than seal it

I think, done well (you'll see that a lot of people do too much) and with a darker bronzy trim, your home could possible give off some French vibes..

You would need to do some outstanding landscaping for balance, but it could look stunning (and I get what it's like to want to live in a house that looks the same as every other house in the area!)

Hmmm love French idea. OP would have to do all the details like you said but it could look stunning! French country homes have glorious plantings with blues and purples alongside greens

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