= S-class 24 slot Alien rifle multitool. Dark grey body with rear spikes.to light grey barrel, clip and trim. =

**Tips for finding Multi-tools from shared coordinates**
User error is the most common reason players have difficulty finding Multi-tools from shared coordinates. If you are having troubles locating this MT, please read the tips below!
Turn off multiplayer before going through the portal
Ensure you are in the correct galaxy
Double check that you entered the glyph sequence correctly
Make sure you follow the OP’s instructions exactly
Not every MT is located at the space station
Some MT’s required you to save and reload on a specific planet/moon (or the space station) and then travel to a specific location to acquire the MT
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The item shared in this post is not in the Euclid/1st/starting, galaxy. There are 256 unique galaxies in NMS. Shared glyphs only work for the galaxy they are advertised in

If you need help travelling to the galaxy advertised in the flair of this post contact PanGalactic Star Cabs - Discord link. They can take you anywhere in the NMS universe for free! Any galaxy, any star system, any platform

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