= Exterior wood trim with aluminum covering/capping is falling off/rotting where the stucco meets my stone masonry. What needs to be done to properly fix this? (Eastern Pennsylvania) =

As the title says, I have exterior wood trim and aluminum covering/capping falling off/rotting where stucco meets stone masonry

I had a mason come look at it and he told me I would need to replace all my masonry to make it worth his time to take the job (not happening. I am planning on repointing in a few years). So before I have another mason come look at it, what should I be asking them to do so I don't waste my time or theirs?
Does the stucco need to be properly vented and flashed (I have no idea if it is or not)? Or can they just remove the wood/aluminum and add a cement lip?
Quick Note: I already have an electrician coming to remove the wires running along the wood trim before I proceed with anything else

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