# During the pandemic, Canadians moved between provinces more than in last three decades. Ontario and Manitoba saw the highest net losses. The principal motivation for a move out of province seems to be housing and the cost of living

I think our main problem is the lack of good paying jobs vs how fast housing prices and COL have increased here. Forsure its its cheaper here than ON or BC but unless you are already into your career with a good gig already, starting off as a kid in Manitoba of today is a lot tougher than when I was growing up

Yeah but you have to deal with a lot of otherbeing in Manitoba. Cheap housing has to overcome the negatives of lower wages, erosion of health and education systems, car dependence, fewer amenities, etc

As other things get worse and housing gets expensive, there gets to be fewer downsides to moving elsewhere

This data seems old, but if you don’t need a car Montreal seems more affordable than Winnipeg: httpswww.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Canada&country2=Canada&city1=Montreal&city2=Winnipeg
Especially considering their public transport system is much much more reliable
Salaries are lower in Manitoba for the same jobs in our western neighbors. Taxes are also higher in Manitoba than our western neighbors

Not having read the article but based on the title, that is atake, at least for Manitoba

Yup I agree. More people moved to BC. And BC has a worse housing supply then anyone, with the exception of Ontario

I thought affordability is why I lived in Manitoba? That article was light on details

Somehow I see way more out of province plates around here…like people coming to MB not leaving MB.

I think a big issue for myself and allot of people in the skilled trades, is that our base wage is mandated by the province and that basically hasn't gone up since around 2015-2016 essentially as long as the PC's have been in power. It's hard to negotiate a higher wages when they could just hire someone else for base rate, my understanding for unionized trades who have higher wages is that they've taken cuts to their wage since COVID started because they were being undercut heavily by non union shops

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