# House sale has gone through, with purchase slightly delayed due to negligent solicitors. That delay is now extending and starting to cost us a lot of money

In England/East Midlands
The short version is this;
We were due to complete on the house yesterday (Wednesday) and exchange today (Thursday). We are using the same company to both buy and sell but using 2 different solicitors/conveyancer (not sure if or what the difference is). We started with this company around December, since then we've had a different solicitor take both cases. All solicitors are tagged in both emails to keep track of everything the buyer for the house had 2 extensions to his mortgage due to our solicitors taking a long time and other circumstances and was unwilling to extend any further as he would have had to reapply for his mortgage from scratch, and their is no guarantee with any of that that it will go through

So we had an email chain, with both solicitors in it that the sale date would be the 28th and the solicitor for the sale (Padme) part of it was really chasing everything down to get it sorted. Our other solicitor (Karen) rarely responded but was part of every conversation had around this being the moving date so we assumed everything would be going ahead due Padme pushing everything ready. We hired movers, changed address took time off work etc even hired people to begin doing work on the house as it needs renovations. etc. etc

Yesterday (Wednesday) when completion was due to happen at 3, we get a call from Karen at 2 saying we can't go ahead with the sale as she isn't ready and never said she was ready. Apparently Karen and Padme were both working on separate cases and didn't know the two were connected, despite being tagged in the same email chains. Padme was under the assumption that we were only selling and not buying (bizarrely). But stresses that if we don't sell we risk losing the buyer and the whole chain, and advises us, if we can to seek temporary accommodation, to go ahead with it. When we ask how long the purchase will take we get told a couple of days, so we go ahead with it and confirm and look for temporary accommodation

We then get a call from Karen, saying the earliest she can do it the end of next week (6th) due to needing 5 working days to clear the funds and apply for the mortgage, I kick off and basically have a panic attack on the phone, ask if anything can be done to expedite it and get told they can fast track it for Tuesday if we pay (£140 to cover the bank fees). We do so and proceed with the sale

We then look to rent storage for a week and a removals company to both move it to the rented storage and then move it again to the property upon completion (luckily they were fine with us last minute cancelling on our move out date). Also have to book in at a hotel until Tuesday

Karen is now not really responding to our calls (the receptionist keeps saying she's busy until we kick off), but essentially, there are now outstanding enquiries that need to completed before we can buy and she's thinking we might move in and exchange in 2 weeks time. We can see the enquiries she's after as we've had the email from the other solicitors too and it looks like they've answered everything but they aren't satisfactory to her so we're at a weird stalemate

We're having to pay for storage on a weekly basis so each week passes is more money and we are essentially homeless. After next week I have no more time off work to be able to move into my house or deal with anything. We're massively out of pocket doing all this and a generally get the feeling if I kick off too much she will drag it out further so I have no idea where we stand right now or what to do

I don't understand how these 2 solicitors haveeverything up so much handling this, and if it sounds like we've been hands off we genuinely have been chasing/pushing/handling every single step of it to where we are both exhausted and absolutely stressed

I know this has dragged on but it really is the short version of this colossal mess, appreciate any comments/help

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I’m a little confused - you say complete today and exchange yesterday? You can’t complete before you exchange as that is when you pay your deposit, funds are arranged for drawing down and the completion date is set

Basically not all conveyancers are solicitors but all solicitors are trained in conveyancing at some point although I think residential conveyancers have to have different seperate certificates but I’m not sure

Onto your question, your first port of call is to escalate internally then to the legal ombudsman ( they won’t act until the internal process is followed) kick up a. Loudly. You should also get the other sides legal team onto your solicitors to push this

I don’t know what else to advise other than keep emails and receipts. Sorry this has happened to you

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