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# Nearly half of American workers don’t earn enough to afford a one-bedroom rental - About 1 in 7 Americans fell behind on rent payments as housing costs continued to increase during the pandemic

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"nimbyism" only exists because local government grants nimbys the power to stop development

The entire problem is caused by government restricting the housing supply, just like the entire problem with healthcare in the US is government restricting the supply of healthcare services

Are you sure that is the cause? Construction costs themselves are rising, price of materials is escalating, construction around the world is increasing and is using the same raw materials some of which are finite, relentless increased demand can reach a point where existing systems simply can not keep up, and I believe we are beginning to reach that point globally
If construction is indeed being held back then price of construction should fall

In California, for example, which has one of theissues with housing costs, the problem is environmental regulation

It can take developers years to get clearance on environmental impact studiesthat's a long time to have money tied up on a project that very reasonably might not happen

That only explains prices in growing markets. The 2020 census just came out today and the vast majority of counties across the country are actually
*declining* in population, believe it or not

This decline is evident at the local level where around 52% of the counties in the United States saw their 2020 Census populations decrease from their 2010 Census populations.”
Is this reflected in prices? My bet would be no

Edit: To be clear, I mean rent, not mortgages. Rent never seems to decrease, ever, in my experience

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