= What color pillars shall I paint my exterior of the house? I don’t like the old orange look. Any suggestion? Photoshop? =

The brick I wouldn’t paint

What I would do is remove that tree. It is obstructive to the entrance way and the balance is very heavy on one side

I agree with another commenter that the entire house can use a good change. The beige stucco can use a facelift

I’d paint the rest of the boring beige house to emphasis the beauty of the natural brick

Whatever you do, don’t paint brick

Agreed. Don’t paint the brick. Pick a better color for the exterior that compliments the orange brick better
Came here to say leave the brick and paint the rest of the house. I see everyone beat me to it. But in case you still need more help making the decision… don’t paint the brick

I’d suggest a dusty blue or green for the stucco to make the brick really shine

Maybe the color of the trim? Then spray paint the light fixtures on pillars the color of the railing. You can also enclose these with wood, such as cedar would be pretty

Don’t touch that brick. It’s beautiful.I would match the trim. Dark and moody would look awesome on that house. That dark navy blue or blue-purple black would look great. Even a black could be fun

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