= How can I modernize the exterior of this house? Any suggestions? I’d like to keep the light brown soffit, fascia, & gutters and paint the stucco and vinyl siding. Any color suggestions? =

In addition to colours, it might be useful to think about cohesion of the whole thing. The three sections/three doors situation is a little confusing for visitors. A possibility could be to paint the middle section a somewhat darker shade of whatever you choose for the rest, or to paint all the siding darker or lighter than the stucco, to help it all hang together

I might choose a very pale ‘greige’ for the siding with a slightly darker greige stucco, and brightwindow + door frames. And a brick or maroon red front door. Plus whichever door you want visitors to use could have a clear footpath + planters either side

I’d choose a greige or taupe tone by matching against the roofing or soffit, aiming for the same undertone colours

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