= HOA hired painters to paint exterior stucco. They were supposed to do 3 coats - base, paint, mist paint but they only did 2 coats and now it looks like this (multiple fissures and cracks). I seem to be the only one concerned by this. Any advice on how to address or correct this issue? =

Professional painter here we always mask and spray a heavy first coat and backroll it in with a 25 mm roller sleeve. Then a second coat which, depending on the results of the first coat, we either just spray a normal coat. If it still looks uneven or not filled in completely, we backroll again as well. Rarely would we ever do 3 coats

Thank for the feedback. Everyone else had 3 coats and we only had 2 and ours looks a LOT worse than all the other homes. I was told that they might have gone too thick with the paint (to compensate for that third coat) and that caused the cracks? Does your paint ever end up looking like this?
Half of this is just the nature of stucco. The other half is it appears they used the wrong product. Stucco needs elastomeric paint that is designed to stretch and move with the surface

As far as addressing it, what do you want to do? I doubt your HOA will do anything about it or allow you to for that matter and even if they do they certainly won't foot the bill

To "fix" it means removing all the stucco and starting fresh. Your best bet is to ignore it and if the HOA is who is responsible for that maintenance then let them deal with it down the road

Yup, I don’t think the HOA will do anything. They’re responsible for the external paint BUT if water gets inside and causes damage to the wood frame then the homeowner is liable. Of course, this gets very expensive fast. Do you think this will cause an issue down the road or is it just a cosmetic defect?
Yup, the whole house. It’s worse in some spots than others, of course. When I commented about it, one of the workers confronted me to “stop complaining” which honestly scared me. There’s only a couple of other homes that are as bad as mine and it looks like this is the situation I’m stuck with now

Looks like a mild form of mud cracking. Basically first coat was applied too heavy and second coat was applied too soon but thinner. The top of the coat is drying but the underneath isn’t thus causing the zit like situations you described. Stucco is very finicky as it is a rock (concrete), meaning it’s PH value reacts very differently to normal paint coatings, especially if the stucco was bare

There’s another commenter talking about an elastomeric coating, which is true, but you also do have a few other avenues. The elastomeric is good for the expansion and contraction of the stucco throughout weather changes/moisture

If bare stucco, you can do the above or use a PH neutralizing primer to help bind to the stucco and balance its PH (sherwin has a product called Loxon Concrete/ Masonry Primer), and then to top coat with a latex based coating, I’d stay more on the thinner side of products rather than thick cause thick coatings will have more pull to the substrate. I’d recommend either Superpaint or Emerald Rain Refresh, again S-W

If surface is already painted then just make sure surface is Clean, Dull, and Dry, and use the above top coats (as long as there is no base substrate failure occurring, you’d DEFINITELY would always want to address that first)

Although this paint job was botched, it will eventually dry with time. You may see more of this cracking happen with time as well. As far as water damages you should be fine, if there weren’t water leaks prior to this, this wouldn’t cause a water leak imo

Thank you for the very detailed response. It’s good to know that this is a cosmetic situation first and foremost (and I’m sure the majority of people won’t even notice thejob)

In certain areas it’s even worse than this - large areas of dripping and clumping paint (around light fixtures etc). Is it possible to sand it down? Is there anything I should do or ask for to try to improve this situation? Or should I just let it go? An engineer meets with all of the individual homeowners before signing off

I felt very intimidated today by the workers, and seeing that this is an HOA situation I’m feeling like this might just be a major L for me and I should move on

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