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r/paint - HOA hired painters to paint exterior stucco. They were supposed to do 3 coats - base, paint, mist paint but they only did 2 coats and now it looks like this (multiple fissures and cracks). I seem to be the only one concerned by this. Any advice on how to address or correct this issue?

r/Paintingbusiness - This is a 14,500 sqft exterior re-paint. In the Houston area, the price range is $2-$6 per sqft. I use Sherwin Williams premium paint. Project plan: normal surface prep, pressure wash, seal/patch with stucco masonry caulking, patch. Cover windows with plastic, spray exterior, shielding.

r/Renovations - How can I modernize the exterior of this house? Any suggestions? I’d like to keep the light brown soffit, fascia, & gutters and paint the stucco and vinyl siding. Any color suggestions?

r/stonemasonry - Stucco question here…how do you match paint color? This is a pre-mix into the final stucco layer and we need to patch a bigger section. I’d ideally like to find the correct pigment and mix it into a one coat stucco mix. Some pics of the exterior for reference. Any help appreciated

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r/HomeDecorating - ISO Exterior Update Ideas - would like to improve curb appeal, and differentiate from similar houses in the 'hood. Not sure where to start (or end)!!! Door? Stucco? Paint bricks? What colour(s)? Cover the door/porch?

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