Exterior stucco siding is becoming a popular niche for those passionate about the exterior design of their homes. And for a good reason, stucco siding done right looks like a beautiful mirage out of a fairy tale. To paint exterior stucco siding, one has to be informed. This is no ordinary paint job and requires much more care and specialized paint/equipment to get the job done

= Cost to Paint Exterior Stucco Siding =
== Pricing Range for Exterior Stucco Siding ==
The cost to have a new paint job for exterior stucco siding can vary depending on what company you hire. At Home Painters Toronto, we give you a free estimate, so there are no surprises down the road. Now, the cost will vary depending on what type of home you have

- •Bungalows ( 800-1200 square foot homes) start at the
$4000-$5000range and can spike up to $6000-$8000

- •Two-story houses (1500-2000 square foot homes) just like bungalows, the base price is around
$4000-$5000, for higher-end it will be $8000-$12,000

- •Three-story houses (2500-3000+ square foot homes) begin at the
$15,000 range and can be as high as $25,000

An alternative that you can do is measure your home’s exact square footage to get the price down to a concrete number. It may take some time, but it will end up saving you a few extra dollars that you can put towards another area of your exterior. Or maybe you can put those extra bucks towards your child’s college tuition; the important thing is that you save money

== Process to Paint Exterior Stucco Siding ==
Before the actual job to paint exterior stucco siding begins, there is a lot of needed prep. Talk to your hired service about what they are and not doing after reading this list. You would be surprised with newer companies who lack experience; they may skip these steps you are about to learn

- • Washing the exterior stucco siding down
- • Almost always, minor repairs are needed ( caulking trim, stucco mix for cracks)

- • Parging to cover existing stucco damages

- • If there are enormous repairs required, it is better to hire a stucco company to fix these

Most paint companies will use a painter and primer in one. To paint exterior stucco siding, this is the most efficient way. The only thing that will need solely priming is the minor repairs mentioned above. Duration Flat by Sherwin-Williams is a standard for exterior stucco siding. Aura flat by Benjamin Moore will also get the job done. It is just a matter of preference for the home-owner

Painting an exterior stucco siding requires a lot more time and effort compared to a regular paint job. You may think it is just a lot of rolling. However, there is much more that goes into this type of exterior. Cutting in the windows and doors is required to get this job done successfully

== Time Range for Exterior Stucco Siding ==
- For an average 1200-2000 square foot home, it should take
a minimum of three to five days

- Larger projects like 2500-3000+ square foot homes can
be as long as two weeks

Paint companies can send more workers if needed to get the job done quicker. If you are in a rush and need your exterior stucco siding done in a hurry, try to find a paint company that is not overbooked. This does not mean go for a newer company. Instead, look at good and bad reviews to get a company that can accommodate your time frame

== Factors that Effect the Cost ==
Exterior stucco siding may be different in many ways from other conventional exteriors, but be reassured; the factors that affect the cost remain the same

- • The amount of prep needed will determine the price; the more prep, the more money

- • How fast you need the job done? If you are selling your home and need it done ASAP, there may be a premium charged by your hired service to get it done quicker

- • Size of the job, contrary to popular belief, if you get one small wall done, it will be more; this is because most paint companies charge per unit in addition to a setup fee

- • Method of payment, you want to stick with traditional cash or cheques. You can also do transfers but avoid paying through credit card as there will most likely be administrative charges

You are now ready to tackle your outdated siding paint job. Remember to do what is best for your exterior. Ultimately this is for you and no one else. Consider all these factors before hiring a service; the credit card factor can be annoying. Still, some companies like Home Painters Toronto do not charge extra for the use of credit cards. Good luck and happy painting!
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