= Painting exterior stucco - is this advised? =

Hi everyone. We have an older, one story house in Southern California. The exterior is stucco that has not been painted previously. I have been doing some research and am getting mixed signals about whether or not it is advisable to paint exterior stucco. On one hand, if it starts looking drab, painting seems like the only real option. But I'm also reading that stucco needs to remain porous, and that painting over it will restrict air from flowing through it, etc

Any thoughts or advice on whether or not exterior stucco should be painted? And if the answer is no, what are other rehab options aside from washing it / powerwashing?
Thanks for your help and advice

I am a painting contractor and the stucco on my house was refinished with stucco few years ago. I personally don’t like the look of painted stucco and I have stucco contacts so it was a no brainer. I also advise my clients to have their stucco refinished rather than us painting it

Don’t get me wrong I will and have painted stucco. But I don’t believe it’s the better option!
Use Dunn Edwards Evershield. Should get at least 8 years. I’m in SFV and I’m on almost 10 years with our stucco house. It’ll be breathable enough. Full disclosure I used to work in the r&d lab there. Rarely had complaints on that product line and if we did it was color related orcontractor related. It’s what I used in 2012

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