= Solid Color Exterior Stain Won’t Penetrate Cedar Wood Plank House Siding =

I have tried every stain. I am on the water on Long Island, NY and every March the dark stain peels off, showing that it never penetrated the wood. I can’t afford to re-stain the house every year

Most recently I tried Cetol as a product

Maybe a solid color exterior stain from a stain without stringent chemical regulations?
Any recommendations?

"Stain" is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to exterior finishes. It is still a surface finish

Cedar is notorious for rejecting finishes from a combination of high oil content [preventing absorption] and [for a smooth siding] "burnishing" from the planer which also closes wood fibers preventing absorption

You might try sanding to give your siding some "tooth" or measure the water content before finishing
Many folks in the NE recommend Cabot stains
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