= Help! Tons of cracks in stucco following new window construction installation? =

Hi all, long time reader, first time poster - could really use your advice!!
A month ago, we had an old window in a 1950s ranch-style house replaced with a new construction installation (Milgard Tuscany, to match the other windows in the house installed by previous owners). The installation company broke back the stucco around the windows, installed new water proofing paper/flashing, and re-stuccoed to match the existing style (no painting)

Over the past month, we've seen hairline cracks appearing around the entire window in the stucco, starting at the bottom corners and now extending from the sides and top of the window. It also looks like there's something dripping from the base of the window frame into the stucco. Here's an album of what it looks like: httpsimgur.com/a/QJzr1tK
The window frame itself is fine (the glass is another problem, the panes produce distorted, curved reflections when viewed from the outside, window installer said to contact Milgard, so Milgard is coming out to inspect this week)

When we first contacted the window installer about the initial cracks, they said they're just hairline cracks, impossible to stop, won't create any harm, don't worry about it

Obviously we're concerned at the growing number of cracks. The company offers a lifetime warranty for parts and labor, what are our options here?
(I also realize that the window itself might need to be fully reinstalled, due to the glass issue, not sure who is on the hook for the reinstall at that point)

Your advice or tips is greatly appreciated, this has been a headache (not to mention we're waiting on delivery and installation of another window from that company
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