= Planning to build something *roughly* like this for the cats; what type of lumber would you recommend? We're flexible on price & open to engineered. Want to avoid warping of central post down the road. I don't have a planer to 'fix' after purchase. Will stain with SW 'WoodScapes' Exterior. =

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There are many diy cat tree plans on the internet. That one appears to be sections of 2x4 screwed through the shelves

That is quite tall and I am sure that it must have been anchored top and bottom. By using a 2x4 and not a 4x4 it will most likely wrack and deflect depending on the weight of the felines

Check out some floor to ceiling ideas here. I am sure there are many more

That style must be anchored top and bottom so the cats don’t knock it right over. I only mention because the photos I can see don’t show how this is anchored

Are these separate pieces of 2x4 with the platforms sandwiched between? If so, keeping them perfectly square during construction will be the first issue. Are you intending this for indoor or outdoor use?
Thank you! It will be in a screened-in deck, so basically outside. I figured I’d use one long 2x4 or 4x4 without sectioning it. Then it will anchor to the ceiling of that screened in section. I’m overthinking the warp thing I guess. Maybe I should just find a dry and straight piece of lumber, stain it, and it will be fine
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